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MONTERO (CMBYN) debuts at #3 on Spotify US

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16 hours ago, BloodyJudas said:

The generic fillers and Taylor Swift are literally antonyms, the complete opposite and that’s a fact and if someone says otherwise, they’re simply lying and you know that full well, sir. Taylor Swift is a talented, respected musician. In fact, she also happens to be one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Of course, no one forces you to listen to her music but let me state the obvious- Folklore as well as Evermore are much more intricate and elaborate albums than any of Gaga’s-lyrically speaking. 
Just because Taylor is universally adored by the GP it doesn’t take away from any of her achievements, accolades nor talent. She’s just so passionate about her craft and it’s nothing but admirable. Moreover, she puts a great deal of effort into every single project. “You All Over Me” is literally nothing like any contemporary top 40 songs. Just because it’s a country song it doesn’t mean it sounds just like any other country song. Obviously, the song will be similar to the Fearless tracks but that’s understandable, given the fact all of them were composed around the same time. Back in the day, when I attended high school (and this was around 2010-11), a lot of my friends were criticizing Gaga for dropping the same kind of songs. For them “Telephone”, “Poker Face”, “LoveGame”, “Bad Romance”, “Born This Way”, “Judas” or “Applause” all sounded the same and I can’t blame them for thinking that way because these songs share some similarities. 
Just because Taylor is the 8th greatest musician (overall) in the USA according to the Billboard magazine and is still smashing effortlessly 15 years into her career doesn’t mean one has to undervalue her or diminish her impact. 
To sum it up, Taylor is a true musician, an unstoppable music figure, a force to be reckoned with and there’s nothing you could do to stop that. She’s also musically prolific and she enjoys putting out copious amounts of music- it’s called passion! She has that! You can call a Taylor Swift’s track or her for that matter generic but that won’t prevent  a vast majority of people from loving and buying her music, including myself. :) The GP can’t seem to have enough of her (plain and simple), which is completely understandable considering how gifted she is. She knows how to connect with people and not everybody is able to pull it off. She’s also been co-directing  her music videos since the Lover Era. She fights tooth and nail to get her masters back because that’s how much she cares about her craft and legacy for the years to come. No wonder so many people look up to her. She’s a musical phenomenon just like Lady Gaga. 
Dear Taylor can come up with a hit song like there’s nothing to it and we love her for that. 
I personally think this song from “the Vault” is lovely and deserves every inch of success it’s received.  

Have a nice day and stay healthy :) 

damn ma is it that srs? 

xoxo go piss girl
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The generic fillers and Taylor Swift are literally antonyms, the complete opposite and that’s a fact and if someone says otherwise, they’re simply lying and you know that full well, sir. Taylor Swift

One hit wonder they said

Justin blocking everyone as he should. Peaches really deserves it.


Montero and Peaches are really great. Finally male artists serving. Esp Justin got his **** together after the abomination that was Changes. :applause:

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Guest Adarsh
1 hour ago, BloodyJudas said:

If it were Gaga I was talking about, y’all would be singing a completely different tune but since it’s Taylor, I’m being stoned here but what’s new?

There’s a very simple explanation for that. This is Gagadaily and not Taylordaily. You can’t expect everyone to like her the way you do :)

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4 hours ago, Bradley said:

That's because Lil Nas X is gay. I would love to see GGD objectively evaluating music and recognising straight male rappers/pop and R&B acts too.

Definitely agree, but it’s still very nice to see. Even though in some ways, Lil Nas’s music is very similar to Poppy’s I Disagree album with is influenced a lot by pop structures and hook. But rap has become my main genre I listen to recently and it’s always disregarded on this site, if it isn’t Nicki, Cardi B, or Meghan. And I’m just not into those artists. 

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