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Is the Chromatica era officially over?

Lynne Spears

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Lion Heart

Sis... it's been over


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well it's Gaga, she can just randomly drop the video of Free Woman in January 2022

of course not, Sour Candy video will be released soon haven't you heard?  

Giving me G.U.Y. teas

Dead body
On 3/11/2021 at 10:09 AM, numb the flame said:

I’d be here for a remix album that intertwines new tracks into its track listing like Sophie’s remix album did. 


I hate when they add the bonus tracks at the end of a tracklist :fail: like wtf is the Chromatica deluxe tracklist, or Joanne or basically almost every album by every other artist, seriously


11- Heavy Metal Lover

12- Electric Chapel

13- Yoü And I

14- The Edge Of Glory

15- Black Jesus

16- Fashion Of His Love

17- The Queen


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Maybe after Grammy win they will release last single with music video to celebrate and officialy end the era?

BABYLON needs to be final single from CHROMATICA 🌈
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