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78th Golden Globe 2021

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Wow Jodie Foster beating Olivia, Glenn and Amanda... A surprise

gay engineer
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THIS JUST IN: Gaga will NOT be at the ceremony tonight despite previous reports.   EDIT:  BREAKING: NO ONE will be at the Golden Globes tonight. It is a VIRTUAL ceremony.

FUN FACT: Gaga is currently shooting the movie she is going to win Best Actress for next year  

Ugh.... lowkey annoyed how some of the winners have to get political in their speeches. I appreciate the gesture for using their platform for awareness and all that, but this is about celebrating grea

Justin Drew Bieber
2 hours ago, PunkTheFunk said:

Wow can't believe Gaga won Best Picture. Great show! Good night everyone. I'm out!


Can’t tell if this is Patricia or Kris

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I KNEW it was going to be full with "wtf?" wins but not to this extent omg!!!

I knew Emma Corrin was gonna beat Olivia, she was THE star and Josh O'connor just started his sweep!

Andra Day was magnificent in a not so good movie so I am really hoping this pushes her to an Oscar nom (sag apparently received the screeners late, that may have been why she missed there!) go Andra go!

they really love portrayals of legendary singers lmfao... Judy, Freddy, now Billie Holiday?  Jennifer Hudson for Aretha next?

and yay @ Rosamund!

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Franch Toast

Highlights for me:

* Jodie winning and kissing her wife and thanking Aaron Rodgers and her dog (loved her being so open with her wife after coyly "coming out" at the Golden Globes a few years back) 

* Glad Minari won something, but it should've been up for Best Picture, not "Foreign-Language" Picture (U.S. doesn't have an official language, and the cast and crew of the film were American; meanwhile, you have films like Inglorious Basterds that are mostly in a language other than English but aren't relegated to the foreign-language ghetto, presumably because the cast is white

* Yay for Chloé Zhao! Come slay the Oscars next and tear down that boys' club! :heart:

* Chadwick Boseman's widow's speech made me tear up 

* Jane Fonda rallying for inclusivity 

I'm sure there's more, but i was only half-watching. 

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12 hours ago, emig09 said:

Carey Mulligan deserves Best Actress in Drama :nooo:


gay engineer
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13 hours ago, PunkTheFunk said:

Produced by **** Clark Productions and the HFPA

wait i thought the ban on the word **** (Di¢k) was removed 

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7 minutes ago, gypsy101 said:

Carey was robbed btw

They tried to hide the reality of not black members on the team of GG voting for a black woman??

gay engineer
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Damn that was full of surprises. I have yet to see so many of these films.

I was expecting Frances or Carey, maybe even Vanessa for Actress Drama. Congrats to Andrea, this is probably going to push her for the Oscars but I heard her portrayal is good but the movie is not.

GOOD for Chloe on Director and Best Picture.

Wow at Glenn and Olivia losing to Jodie but it was tough as well.

Happy for Chadwick getting some recognition but was expecting Riz to take it, that was truly an amazing portrayal. Either way happy they didn't go for the safe choice Anthony Hopkins even though he deserves it as well.

Original Song - They should've just released the Bond film, it could've been an easy win for Billie Eilish.

Good for Rosamund Pike, well deserved. I was rooting for her or Anya Taylor-Joy but still happy to see she won for Queen's Gambit.

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Emma Corrin, Josh O’Connor, Chadwick Boseman & Catherine O’Hara winning gave me LIFE. 

Vanessa Kirby not winning though :crossed:

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