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Doctor joins Zoom court hearing while operating on patient

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A doctor (plastic surgeon) in Sacramento, California joined a traffic court hearing on Zoom while performing surgery on a patient.

Mr Green was dressed in surgical scrubs in an operating theatre when he appeared at his virtual trial.

When questioned by the judge, Mr Green said he was happy to go ahead, and that he had "another surgeon right here who's doing the surgery with me".

The judge said that would not be "appropriate" and postponed the trial.

The Medical Board of California has now said in a statement that it would look into the incident, adding that it "expects physicians to follow the standard of care when treating their patients".

The hearing was being livestreamed online, because traffic hearings are required by law to be open to the public. 


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Yeah, I wouldn't feel okay with this as the patient and their family either... Do you think they could trace it to see who it was?

Also, the surgeon is the defendant? So he's here because he's the accused one, right? Whatever he did, this sure didn't make him look good at all for the case :toofunny:

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This deserves to go on his medical license as a negligent act

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Shawniqua Mendes


Wolałabym być sucha, ale przynajmniej jestem mokra. Szczaj na mnie, szczaj, szczaj, szczaj na mnie, szczaj, szczaj
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I feel like he’s trying to show like he’s too busy and important to be bothered to have to go to court for breaking traffic laws like everyone else :interestinga:

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This man is a narcissistic psychopath! Did he not have the common sense to realize that this was wrong and that it would most definitely hurt his case? I hope the patient files a civil suit against this a-hole...

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