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Rep. Taylor Greene: "There are two genders"


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1 minute ago, Chromatican said:

Yes, but more than likely a penis, vagina, and chromosomal sex will determine gender.

that's also true for sexuality orientation.  Odds are penis equals straight man.  But we don't label someone's sexuality at a party, so why label their gender?  

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No, it is not, I've always known this part of my identity, since my youngest memories, before I even knew a word for it, same as many people who identify as trans, or gay, or lesbian... I've always kn

I googled her and "Marjorie Taylor Greene is an American politician, businesswoman, and far-right conspiracy theorist"  

Except it's not up to you to "believe" in them. You're literally invalidating their identity... 

1 minute ago, Chromatican said:

Sorry, I just don't think non-binary identity is well enough understood yet.

I hope something comes along to change your mind. They might be misunderstood now but so were we 50 years ago to the point that there were laws against our relationships in places (and still are today). Imo, the least you could do is not speak out against them when they identify and validate themselves, you know? Just respect who they are and let people live.

I'm going to lock this though before it goes farther off the rails than it already has :laughga:

Seeing voices 🖐️🖤
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