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Grimes says new album is almost done, We Appreciate Power M/V


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Matt Savage
23 hours ago, Kimmo said:

I’m not trying to be mean or undermine her mental problems but going through issues in life isn’t always a “Mental Problem” she needs to grow up a little already... girl you were partying with your husband all through the COVID season, get a grip! :saladga:


I'm sorry but who are you to determine anyones mental health issues?


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I'm fairly sure she's talking about a moment in time that was pre-Covid. Also, unless you are Grimes or know her personally, you shouldn't just go out and assume stuff about people's mental wellbeing.

YES!! we appreciate  DESERVES a proper mv!

Matt Savage
7 hours ago, Reginald said:

Miss A was kind of meh, in my opinion, after the pure perfection of Art Angels and Visions. I'll at least give it a few listens either way, though. Hopefully it's good. 


Imo Miss A was way better than Art Angels and Visions. It's one of my favourite albums ever. I think it's sick af.

Differences in tastes I guess :oops:


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I love AA and MA so much, not a fan of her earlier stuff but yeah definitely excited to see what (and if) she releases 

The hardest thing in this world is to live in it
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Nathaniel Arven
9 hours ago, HotLikeMexico said:

it’s seems like you’re a fan and that’s fine.

I've been a fan of Marilyn Manson for years, believing the guy was an artist with a dark universe... Believe me I've had to question where I stand as a fan of any-effen-body on earth. The whole concept of fandom. Even with Gaga. Britney (i think people are also responsible for her situation because they love idols -not that she is a bad person)

Also, yes what she did was wrong in many ways. But i've seen friends breaking the rules for just a bit less of isolation, even after losing someone to covid.... (Not me : I already didn't have a life before)...

I just don't know.... I think it's not some Mansonery... It's not some Weinstenery.. I can still personally bop in all carefreeness to Grimes. 

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