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BMI Update: 'Babylon (Original Haus Labs Version)' officially added


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39 minutes ago, Dayman said:

Not a rumor. Nicola confirmed they had to stop mid shoot of a video. Prior to that When other reliable info was leaking it was leaked that it was Free Woman and that it was mostly done but missing a few shots, expectation was that it was going to just be edited around what they had. Babylon also definitely has enough footage for a video - as in the Haus Labs BTS we see her lip syncing to Babylon during the Haus Labs shoot. So they could reuse that footage for a video. Plus there’s no telling how much she shot in secret. We know there’s a Nick Knight project that might have Chromatica links? He made it confusing the way he answered. She was able to shoot Voce Viva and 911 without anyone knowing the day of the shoot. So anything is possible with her. Even the initial Chromatica video shoots we knew nothing about them happening.


35 minutes ago, sillynate said:

Back in January 2020 when SL video stills leaked there was a user here who revealed ROM, it’s video was filmed or going to be filmed, and that it was an Ariana collab. iirc, that same user also confirmed that a video for Babylon was completed and that a video for Free Woman was partially filmed but then the lockdown happened and they couldn’t finish it. 
I chose to believe because everything that leaked from Jan-Feb 2020 turned out to be true... except for this info about Babylon and FW videos

Thank you!

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Well they officially added it on BMI under the title 'Babylon (Original Haus Labs Version)'  https://repertoire.bmi.com/Search/Search?SearchForm.View_Count=&SearchForm.Main_Search=Title&S

Before you all freak the **** out, theres plenty of unreleased material on her BMI. The Haus Labs version has been recognizable on Shazam since the summer as well 

It will be released with Chromatica's reissue

Mother of Puppies

Can we all listen to Babylon on Youtube on repeat so the views go up? :lolga: Then they might release it as the next single. :huntyga:

Babylon has about 5,4 million views  (it has less than Alice and Replay - which I also love)



I have to laugh.
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I reaaalllllly hope something Chromatica-related is released soon (I'm assuming after Gucci is done filming)

The end of the era can't literally be the Oreos :billie:

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If we can get last single with mv please let it be BABYLON :wub: Fave track from Chromatica

singles 4-6: Free Woman, Sour Candy, Babylon 🌈
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