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The Legendary Teal Hair returns in Peru today

Alien Tulip

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I have a weird feeling that with ARTPOP, she'll mainly be using brunette hair and just use colourful wigs or pastel wigs, and the fiber optic hair just for special performances maybe?

Also, don't you think she's planning something with the brunette hair? Like, growing it out for maybe a Rapunzel style later on? I've always wondered why she dyed it brown so early if it's for the ARTPOP era.

idk, just thoughts? :huh:

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I can't at the people here who don't like the fact that we talk about her hair??!! :smh: It's a Gaga forum. We talk about everything Gaga. Yeah it's hers and I'm sure we all know our opinions aren't gonna change what she does with it but come on. Just stop.

Anyways, love the teal. :flutter: So timeless.

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high heeled fem

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! My favorite hair color! :legend:




**** thhose ugly dreads :wtf:

bring back the bob!!1

OMG It's PERFECT! She looks FLAWLESS! and it becomes lighter at the end... oh god.. she has to bring it back for the BTW Ball

yes yes yes she does and also a green bob :yes:

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