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Biden pre-Inauguration tearful speech <3


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6 hours ago, Jill said:

Thank you :hor: it's made out of the leftovers from Ariana's wardrobe in the ROM mv

Jokes aside, the designer Jill is wearing is actually popular for reusing leftover fabrics from his old collections. Love that the First Lady is already promoting sustainable fashion. 

That boy is a monster
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Well, there's a reason why they chose Kamala who is young enough to last 4+ years. He most likely will not finish his term or won't run for a second one :bon:

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10 hours ago, LaLuna said:

He's not even in office yet and he already looks exhausted. I honestly feel for him. He's an old man and he has

I would be too after that sh!tshow these last few weeks :messga: .

An original mess since 1995
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11 hours ago, MJHolland said:

I forgot what it feels like when the president isn't a literal psychopath 

I got choked up when Pence applauded and smiled for Kamala and Pence was god awful. :messga: The bar was below sea level. 

The glamour returning today is really refreshing.

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