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Poll: Most iconic Gaga lead single

Justin Drew Bieber

Most iconic lead single?  

202 members have voted

  1. 1. Most iconic lead single?

    • Just Dance
    • Bad Romance
    • Born This Way
    • Applause
    • Perfect Illusion
    • Stupid Love

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1. Bad Romance

2. Shallow

3. Born This Way

4. Just Dance

5. Applause

6. Stupid Love

7. Perfect Illusion 

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Bad Romance is the most iconic in general: the song, the MV, the reactions and the real nostalgia that it brings when we think about a renaissance of pop culture.  But also, Just Dance is kinda icon

Its not even fair to put the ones that aren’t BTW or BR tho 

Smother Em Eh

They’re all so iconic in their own ways and I love how they’re all very different from each other. 

I voted for BTW for its impact mainly but objectively I do believe it’s Bad Romance tbh. 

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Each single is beautiful in their way
Gaga makes no mistakes
Most iconic single, baby, is Born This Way

music video mv GIF by Lady Gaga

Strung out for another taste
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The Child

Bad Romance, Born This Way & Just Dance.

The rest are just her little workers.

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