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Poll: Most iconic Gaga lead single

Justin Drew Bieber

Most iconic lead single?  

202 members have voted

  1. 1. Most iconic lead single?

    • Just Dance
    • Bad Romance
    • Born This Way
    • Applause
    • Perfect Illusion
    • Stupid Love

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BTW. The power this song had was amazing. It made the record sold 1 million in first week.

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Bad Romance is the most iconic in general: the song, the MV, the reactions and the real nostalgia that it brings when we think about a renaissance of pop culture.  But also, Just Dance is kinda icon

Its not even fair to put the ones that aren’t BTW or BR tho 


Eventho it's not my fave (I've recently started enjoying it more again tho), you really can't deny the iconery and cultural reset that is Bad Romance :firega:

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BTW is just so iconic, i feel like people have been sleeping lately on the iconery of this song, gaga release it and the world go CRAZY, like she really said respect lgbt community like no one else did it, the video is just so iconic, she looks so brave and empowering, i just respect her so much after coming from the huge sucess of her previous work that she choose to do this risky record not caring to lose the straight public and be seeing as a gay artist which not every artist will do, they support the lgbt community but not as gaga did with BTW so i will forever respect her for that. Song is a bop with a lovely message. 

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5 minutes ago, Justin Drew Bieber said:

People voting for BR when SL is right there :awkney:

People voting for SL when PI is right there :awkney:




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Just Dance gave Gaga a career, Bad Romance is amazing, but Born This Way was the most important to me.

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It's my least favorite of her leads, but it has to be Born This Way. That song was EVERYWHERE. Bad Romance was bigger but that happened a bit more organically (or I seem to remember it did), where as BTW was an event from the start. 

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High Culture

It’s so weird to think Applause and Perfect Illusion were only three years apart from each other 

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7 hours ago, Medusa said:

Lady Gaga GIF by NOW That's Music

Damn, that shot... The energy, the colors, each and every one of them is absolutely perfect and captivating. How dare anyone say the Stupid Love video ain't good... it's legendary.

Also, yeah, some things aren't even matters of opinion, we all know what's objectively Gaga's most iconic lead single.

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The one that I really fall in love with since this moment, yes.


Triconic. A moment.


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