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Lana Clarifies so Y’all Can Eat Your Words

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2 minutes ago, Fusel said:

i genuinely believe you are embarrassing yourself :deadbanana: 

Lmaoo I know it's hard to believe but it's true. Check out this YouTuber for example. The video is time stamped.

A lot of people are now thinking that chemtrails is the literal word for jet exhaust :air: I've seen it on Twitter too. It's very funny.


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just as I thought, now can y’all take your republican slander to the back? Thanks, we got an album to promote.

Because you’ve never been problematic in your life  I can point to 5 problematic instances just on this forum alone. also the mask was lined with a plastic film, the fact that you choose to disre

for an album about delusion and mystery hid beneath the surface of california glamour, the title chemtrails over the country club is clearly ironic/sarcastic. i mean... it's kinda obvious.

Just now, Stephen said:

A lot of people are now thinking that chemtrails is the literal word for jet exhaust 


It isn't?


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Just now, Stephen said:

Omgggg proving my point :air:

I just thought she was watching the aeroplane smoke trails while have a tea party with her friends or something :toofunny: I'm not familiar with her music or the deeper meanings of things in life :toofunny:

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Learn to pronounce


plural noun: chemtrails

a visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation.

"conspiracy theorists have been going wild with speculation over the nature and purpose of chemtrails"

"back to you, f*cker"
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Trump comment - cool, fine

I have no problem with that

But "I was so inclusive, I had rappers as boyfriends" is still pretty bad

It seems like she wants to do good, but idk...

*no this comment is not meant to be rude, no i'm not angry. just autistic with no social skills, thanks for understanding :)
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Just now, dynamite said:

I just thought she was watching the aeroplane smoke trails while have a tea party with her friends or something :toofunny: I'm not familiar with her music or the deeper meanings of things in life :toofunny:

Right exactly, that would be fine. The point is that she's using the word chemtrails which is literally a word made up by crazy right wing conspiracy theorists. Like... why?


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Sine From Above

I'm glad she's cleared things up and I just want her to stay out of trouble now, she is an extremely intelligent women and it's been a shame to her career suffer the way it has this year because of the controversies.

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1 hour ago, xoxo Craig said:

Not a half, a small portion maybe. 

Wait didn’t you JUST say you could admit when you’re wrong? Lmao clowns will be clowns I guess

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1 hour ago, littlepotter said:

This is absolutely ridiculous. You have hated Lana ever since I've known you on this forum and take every opportunity to bash her, and here we are with a huge list of baseless assumptions you've made that require a simple Google search to debunk, or even watching the video in the OP itself would suffice. She's come out against Trump too many times for this to be an issue. I won't even address the part about admitting when you're wrong because the irony is extreme

The way I CACKLED I literally love you

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I'll just say it again for the record...

Trump clearly knew he was inciting a damn riot... that's how he started a damn riot!

I don't need a pop-singer-philosophy-major to psychoanalyse him for me and tell us he's not the bad guy in his head. 

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Anyone who listens to what she has to say here and still doesn't believe that she's got good intentions is clearly biased at this point. Just admit you don't like the girl and nothing will change your mind. I've never seen such vitriol here over an artist that has done nothing wrong on this site. She's got more hate going for her than she did during her debut and that takes some doing. It's odd, I've been taken to task for saying valid criticisms of artists on here and yet, people bash Lana for nothing with reckless abandon. Such double standards. And I've never been as unreasonable in hatred towards other artists like you've done here. I don't care about every little tweet and radio interview done by artists I don't like. I'm only interested in critiquing their music. Why are you all so invested over stuff that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things? Do you judge everyone you meet in life with the same standards? It's a wonder people are getting to a point where they're afraid to say anything at all.

48 minutes ago, xoxo Craig said:

I dislike the fact that when Lana does something problematic, she's always given a pass. Yet when someone else does something problematic, they are crucified. That's all I'm pointing out.

I think the responses in this thread, why this thread had to be made and the previous reactions to stuff Lana has said and done recently is proof that she isn't getting a free pass in the grand scheme of things.

42 minutes ago, FentyGa said:

deleted it all from my library in may when she made those racist comments

some people put their money where their mouth is yk

I'm still finding it so bizarre that people regarded those comments as racist. She included white artists in her list. And she was giving examples of the women who were at the top of the charts recently, she can't help what race they are, if they were all white, she definitely would have listed them instead. And she wasn't bashing them, just saying that if they can sing about sex without being crucified by critics, why wasn't she able to? She likes and is friends with a lot of the artists she mentioned as well. It's amazing how people just zero on the race of anyone mentioned and decide to make the speech all about that. Lana said nothing about race, her speech wasn't about race, yet people made it about race. It boggles my mind that this is a cancellable offence in people's mind these days. Remember the days where you had to do something severe like beat someone up to get cancelled? Now you just have to say a phrase that could've been worded better and boom, some people don't want to listen to your music anymore. Just something to consider.

35 minutes ago, Stephen said:

Literally google the word chemtrails

Why are you so confident that she doesn't? You're assuming. I'm just saying I want her to clarify.

Regardless, one could argue that simply by using the word she is legitimizing it. Tons of young LDR fans had never heard of the word chemtrails and now because of her they genuinely believe it means this:


There is no critique of it in the song or video. There is no commentary. 

We don't need clarification because as fans, we know how intelligent Lana is and how she does subtle critiques of our culture through her music. Not everyone outside her fanbase gets that, we know that. But this is a typical sounding arty/deep title from her that's meant to sound pretty and not much else.

If you type the word "chemtrails", what comes up is numerous mentions of it being a conspiracy theory that is widely debunked. If you type it into YouTube, there is an info box that shows up before results emphasising that it's a debunked conspiracy theory. I believe the same happens when you type in names of other conspiracy theories. It's YouTube taking responsibility to ensure that there's a disclaimer before any videos carrying potentially false/harmful information so they personally can't be blamed. They've also got a policy to ensure that really wild conspiracy stuff is removed from the site apart from videos debunking the idea. It's general internet policy now to carry heavy disclaimers about this being speculative/fiction and explanations as to why. Lana has merely said the word, not that she's in support of it. And I wouldn't be surprised if some people use the term without realising that's a word based in conspiracy because it sounds like a legit term for it. I believe the official term is "con trails" or "condensation trails," so you can see why someone may have thought it was the same thing. I'm usually against references to inappropriate terms as it might give people ideas but out of all the things, this one is pretty harmless as most people will hear the word and move on.

Most of Lana's fans are not kids, they have brains to work out what she means and won't see it as anything more than a cool album title. If you look at previous titles of hers (Born To Die, Ultraviolence, Norman F**king Rockwell) and songs titles (F**ked My Way Up To The Top, God Bless America And All The Beautiful Women In It, Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind, Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have But I Have It) and now this, it's clear she's into controversial, obscure and sometimes avant garde and pretentious titles, as is the way her artistic mind works. I think it's meant to sound pretty and roll off the tongue nicely, be satirical. Lana's always kept the 50's conservative aesthetic and at the same time been self aware and somewhat critical of it, she just does it in a very subtle way that only her fans seem to get. Looks like a conservative, acts like a liberal, basically. Lana's albums are a journey, they paint a complete picture, there may be commentary on other songs. Her albums are always a mixture of fun and serious. Album titles are just meant to sound cool and poetic a lot of the time. I only read a bit more into it if the artist isn't known for making bold statements. Maroon 5 naming their album Red Pill blues was definitely suspect as they make music for the masses and don't make political statements. Maybe they just didn't know what it mean but I think more than likely they were aware but just thought it would help promote the album more if it was controversial. But Lana's music is much smarter and got more political as time went on and she is therefore saying something very different and most likely satirical with her work.

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Ariana Grindr
2 hours ago, Sister said:

I don't care. I am over her personality. Songs and nothing else.

Then change the phucking channel :excuseu:

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