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đź’“ Official visual for Ashnikko's remix of "Plastic Doll" đź’“

new music

Lana del Rey unleashes the COCC

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that switch in the middle of the video where they all turned into witches creeped me tf out 

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Out now on streaming platforms https://open.spotify.com/album/5p5cFBRERDfiNJlfABACP0 Video coming in an hour  

I’m looking forward to this!! When is this album being released? I’m hoping it’ll be better than Norman F****** Snoozefest. 

The NFR sound was better imo, she set the bar so high with that album so it’s gonna be hard to beat. This is gonna be like going from Ultraviolence to Honeymoon all over again 

Matt Savage

waiting for AJay to totally lose her sh*t over this but she's so slow uploading her videos!

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This is a beautiful song and I like the visual style of that music video. Lana's new album might be the best one of the year.

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8 minutes ago, RudraCNG said:

#1 on Youtube Spain @Andreu


Maybe she'll visit Barcelona again once this f****** pandemic is over :vegas:

Wasnt she supposed to be the headliner of Primavera Sound?

before there was love there was silence
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Such a beautiful video, one of her best. Judging from this and LMLYLAW, I think the sound of the album will be like NFR so I'm excited for it

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