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Lana + her friends trash talk Katy’s Smile


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BYEEEE Lana’s publicist cant catch a break. 

Ya’ll ALL dragged that album so don’t get cute about it now.

i haven’t heard a lana song on the radio since 2012 lol

44 minutes ago, Smcgibben said:

True. You have to live your life constantly being afraid that something you say, in private, might be heard and turned into a whole controversy 

I mean, she watched the camera

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12 hours ago, Lona Delery said:

its from the set of her music video, stop the faux outrage 

im trolling remain calm girl

it's also lana so wbk she an anti-masker

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21 hours ago, Chromatography said:

i haven’t heard a lana song on the radio since 2012 lol

actually FIP plays her 


hello hello baby.
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19 hours ago, Mer Boy said:

I don't believe her - you can't see anything and material that is that transparent probably wouldn't be effective or even breathable. There was a thread about her claims of there being a plastic layer that was debunked. Also, most of her friends are maskless - I would not hang out with people like that. She is a great musician but this is so disrespectful to the burned out doctors and nurses trying to hold the world together. 

They were on the set of the new music video to ‘Chemtrails’ which everyone seen in this clip, is in

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8 hours ago, r4therupbeat said:

you mean the SS Remix? Lana's music is 1. too good for radio, 2. her music is not for the radio

too good for radio LOL

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