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Twitter permanently bans Trump


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Queen Bitch

And somewhere, someone will still complain that it's a "political decision", completely ignoring the fact that he has been consistently breaking their guidelines, tweeting fake news, conspiracy theories, inciting violence etc. lmao

I don't get why he was even allowed to Tweet himself. If they had been a bit smarter they would have hired someone to do the tweets for him, someone who could somehow make him not sound like a lunatic. But I guess he's too narcissistic for that.

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1 minute ago, BUtterfield 8 said:

Oh he’s about to go crazy crazy 


He already is

Any pronouns
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Its embarrasing at this point :awkney:Trump big loser of the decade after Katy and all her grammy nominations OMG 

Married to John D!ck. Mother of Anita D!ck
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Great, but if they had done it 4 years ago, many tragedies could have been prevented... Trump spewing hate on Twitter is nothing new.

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