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Official Rupaul’s Drag Race S13 thread | Congrats to our winner!

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BUtterfield 8
30 minutes ago, Kadikaado said:

Is this topic gonna work to coment down under?

Anyway, DRDU looks inexpensive production, but the queens are great.

The best lipsync we had this year. The USA queens look really good, but can't serve real performance.

We have a thread 


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Tamisha was right. Kandy is literally always stirring **** (which I like, but she shouldn’t be surprised when it hits her in the face). Always asking or answering the “who was bottom” question or

look how small they made Kandy in this lmfaoaoaoaooaoaoaoa this is real the top 3 + Kandy 

RuPaul: Condragulations you've won 5,000$ *Kahmora listening from the werkroom*

BUtterfield 8

Monet has literally not said anything about tamisha other than not liking her lewks on the SR podcast unless I missed something 

can’t wait for Tuesday tho!


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