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Lady Gaga CD Collection Thread - Pt. 3


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Sine From Above

Hey guys, I'm selling some of my Gaga items as I've been replacing them!

They are:

TFM UO box set (minor wear on case/sleeve)

BTW Red Vinyl (near mint)

ARTPOP 2019 reissue (minor wear on sleeve)

Joanne 2017 Pink Vinyl (creases on gatefold)

The Fame 2009 original pressing LP

The Fame HMV Blue (minor wear on gatefold)

The Fame Glacier Blue (crack and split through 2nd LP)

Stupid Love Picture Disc (seem split)

All are unplayed, HMU for more info :kiss:

Flying like a 1000 Doves
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Updated collection pics! Singles: Albums:  

Vinyls Merch & Stuff Perfumes And the Artrave tour book glows in black light  


FNAC has The Fame baby blue EU vinyl for sale again, you guys should grab one while it’s still there. This is the cheapest it’ll be most likely!


not sure how, but I was able to get it for €21.99 even though it says €25. I added it to my cart, got up until the point of entering payment info and then I just closed it out and the item was cheaper? Maybe they do this to encourage impulse buys :fatcat:

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Posted (edited)

Collection: (April 2021)


Row 1: The Fame (Original Standard Edition) X2, The Fame (Standard Edition), The Fame (UK Edition)

Row 2: The Fame (US Edition) X2, The Fame (Japanese Limited Edition), The Cherrytree Sessions - EP


Row 1: The Fame Monster (Standard Edition) [Explicit], The Fame Monster (Standard Edition w/ Alternate Cover) [Clean], The Fame Monster (Deluxe US/Canadian Edition), The Fame Monster (Deluxe UK Edition)

Row 2: The Fame Monster (Deluxe UK Edition), The Fame Monster (Limited Edition Digipack), The Remix (US Edition)


Row 1: Born This Way (Deluxe US/Canadian Edition), Born This Way (Japanese Edition) (Japan), Born This Way (Deluxe US/Canadian Edition)

Row 2: Born This Way (Deluxe US/Canadian Edition) (Misprint) X2


Row 1: ARTPOP (Standard Edition w/ Foil Cover) [Explicit], ARTPOP (Japanese Edition), ARTPOP (Walmart Exclusive)

Row 2: ARTPOP (Walmart Exclusive w/ Foil Cover), ARTPOP (Deluxe Japanese Edition)


Row 1: Joanne (Japanese Edition) (2020 Reissue), Joanne (Deluxe Edition) X2

Row 2: Chromatica (Standard Edition), Chromatica (Japanese Edition), Chromatica (Deluxe Edition)


The Fame (Japanese Edition) (2017 Reissue)

The Fame Monster (Standard Edition w/ Alternate Cover) (Japan) (2017 Reissue)

Born This Way (Japanese Edition) (2017 Reissue)

Born This Way (Tesco Exclusive)



Born This Way (Urban Outfitters Exclusive) (Red Opaque)

ARTPOP (Urban Outfitters Exclusive) (Blue Opqaue)

Chromatica (Limited Edition/Urban Outfitters Exclusive) (Sliver)

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