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Birds' genetic secrets revealed in global DNA study



Scientists have sequenced and recorded the genomes - the genetic make-up or "code of life" - of species from almost every branch of the bird family tree.

The 363 species' genomes, including 267 sequenced for the first time, are catalogued in the journal Nature.

It is a list that now features more than 92% of the world's avian families.


From wildly different coloured feathers, body sizes ranging from the giant ostrich to the diminutive wren and raptor flight speeds of up to 300km/h [186.4mph], "it's all coded for in the genome",  Dr Michael Braun from the Smithsonian Institution said.

The project aims eventually to include a genome from every living species of bird. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, which is a a key contributor through its vast collection of specimens, said this would "advance research on the evolution of birds and aid in the conservation of threatened bird species".



Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-54904806

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Maybe I've spent too much time reading about politics when I swear this thread title read 'Biden's genetic secrets revealed' :saladga:

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That's so cool, I hope to find out soon what they discovered.

I am authistic, so don't be offended if I make a mess sometimes.


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