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Georgia hand recount confirms Biden win


The thing to keep in mind is this: If those two Republicans in MI refuse to certify the votes, a judge can say “you will certify the results or be held for contempt of court”. If they continue to refuse to certify, the governor — who is a Democrat in Michigan — can replace the Republicans who refuse to certify with others who will certify the vote.

Michigan will finalize their certification tomorrow. PA also will finalize their certification tomorrow. That’s over 270 EVs. You can not stop a loss by over 10,000 votes in five different states (where, to clarify, each state has a Biden lead of well over 10,000 votes) with recounts, legal challenges, etc.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/20/politics/michigan-election-results-certification/index.html

The problem is this: The people who are cheering for Donald Trump are living in another reality. When I was waiting outside at the shop while my car was getting fixed today, I could hear an aging Caucasian biker listen to a Youtube video where some wannabe “reporter” talk about how the election is still up in the air and how Trump may still prevail. The extent these Internet information bubbles put people in an alternate world which can not agree on basic facts is frightening.

The danger, come January 20 when Biden is inaugurated, is that a very significant number of voters will continue to believe that the election was stolen from Trump. Trump’s absolute refusal to concede is dangerous for our nation.

Hopefully the aftermath of this will keep voters energized. The good news is that this election has had the largest turnout we have ever seen. The bad news is that we had well over 10,000,000 more Trump voters than we had in 2016.

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Lion Heart

I dont...

Loeffler is the Republican who was appointed earlier this year..


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