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Ariana Grande - Positions (album)


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This album is such a vibe. Like I'm not really looking for upbeat songs and it works. Would've been better if it were like 12 tracks though. I think I like most of them because they all sound pretty much the same but Safety Net, Motive, Six Thirty, Off the Table, My Hair, Nasty, Positions and Pov are my favorites.

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Jewels n Drugs

Call yall imagine a summer walker remix on OTT or Obvious :air:

oh look when you werent looking my motorcycle turned into a piano
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This album is awesome! For those of you saying i couldnt listen to it all, i suggest you do because if u just give it a bit of time and listen the whole way through it will leave you wanting to replay honestly. Its very dreamy and cool. I'd say my favourite 7 of the 14 tracks are Motive, Off The Table, Just Like Magic, Six Thirty, West Side, Positions and Obvious. 

Just as a side note i was honestly hoping for a return to a dance sound beforehand but now having listened to Positions numerous times i'm thrilled with what she has given us this time! 

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I like the album but I don't feel crazy about it like with some of her previous work.

It is cute and well-made for sure. Motive, my hair, and safety net are absolutely amazing songs but the general sound of the album is for me not particularly interesting. Most songs sound very much like one another.

BUT I've been listening to it a lot and enjoying it and I also just finished drawing this so I thought I'd share



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