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Next Single: Sine From Above


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not the honest vocal coach becoming an insider- 

I just need alice

You probably recognize her from YouTube but apparently she’s now an “insider”  not sure if she’s credible but if she’s lying it will only hurt her (stans will drag her) and she’s a middle aged woman s

8 minutes ago, MadeInManu said:

The next single is Babylon (Burger King Remix) 


If it comes bundled with an x-tra long chilli cheese I’m totally fine with it 

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With a radio deal I could see Sine From Above doing well in Europe! It‘s already getting a little exposure because of the Valentino ad and the reception seems to be great :) 

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3 hours ago, MadeInManu said:

The next single is Babylon (Burger King Remix) 


I finally joined bird app... the replies are 100% Gaga related :sharon: 

inb4 its an algorithm thing because I follow GGD and L*N

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18 hours ago, Lady Gayga said:

i dont want:yennefer:


what if:

replay (everything before accident + car accident irl)

Chromatica III (same from 911 video)

SFA (her recovering etc)

In theory I can see this being plausible. It all ties to Chromatica... because after reading her interviews and listening to her talk about this concept. It’s not actually a place to physically go to... it’s a mindset. And if it’s done correctly, I really think that would come through with tying together the SL and ROM videos... here me out...

IF replay could be as you said the events that happen in 911 but in real time, leading into CIII.... than SFA could be about her recovery with her ending up in that Chromatica mindset (I can see this being a short film a la GUY with Alice [discovering chromatica and falling into this mindset] and ending on Babylon [her dealing with the real world and escaping to Chromatica as comfort...]

now it can mesh together with what we already have by having stupid love pick up where Babylon left off... since SL has a little prologue that states that tribes have been warring for awhile.

And I think to fully encompass the full picture of being able to live in the real world while also having this place to escape to, to make sense of it all (Chromatica)... there is a visual needed between SL and ROM and one after ROM to tie it all together with a pretty bow. What two songs would fit though? I think personally, it would be SC or Enigma... and ending it with Free Woman.

so our singles from the album would be.

1) Stupid Love

2) Rain on Me

3) 911

4) Replay

5) Sine From Above/Alice/Babylon [the rumored sine short film]

6) Sour Candy or Enigma

7) Free Woman

And the Chromatica film when all of these pieces put together are

1) Replay

2) 911

3) Sine From Above/Alice/Babylon

4) Stupid Love

5) Sour Candy or Enigma

6) Rain on Me

7) Free Woman 


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4 hours ago, Enigma said:

Not y'all thinking half the videos of CHROMATICA are gonna be about a car accident :billie:

See my above post just now... it’s not an actual place, it’s a mindset. So yes, it could potentially be all around a car accident. 

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Butters Stotch

I don't think she said this as an insider, probably just saw LM's comments on her videos about this  which was rumored when the 911 video was released.

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At this point, I’m cool with whatever.

Like even if she filmed a music video for it at the same time as the Valentino commercial in the same outfit/look/etc. It’s something, right? Even if the video was 100% product placement lol, as long as it looks and fits the song I’m fine with it.

Formerly known as the infamous xxPaperGangsta.
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