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Amy Coney Barrett Receives Backlash For Saying "Sexual Preferences"


The clueless morons in here actually defending this :fail:

Y'all are shameful. Disgusting pigs just like her and people like her.


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12 hours ago, Cookie Tookie said:

I get what she meant. However, it’s time to pick the correct words. It’s 2020.


12 hours ago, Xoxo Adriana said:


well you’re choosing to date/have sexual relations with a person, am i correct? feelings however aren’t a preference, i agree. these are two completely different things. 

despite this, it’s very clear she made a hiccup and everyone is acting as if she committed murder, nobody will understand us if we keep on showing people we are the enemy.

I feel like activists often think that changes in their preferred language should automatically be known by everyone at large.  It’s not like an official memo has been distributed over AP or something. 

im sure I’ve used sexual preference/orientation interchangeably.  In fact though in my support of LGBTQ it really wouldn’t matter if ones “preferred” sexual expression is “choice” or “biology”.  But if “preference” is being used against LGBTQ then I’ll endeavor to always use orientation. 

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