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Wedding Go-ers dance to Stupid Love


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“RiChY jACkson’s dANcES Are ToO cOmPLICATEd” https://vm.tiktok.com/ZS9xbSHp/ This is soooo cute ah 

Cute...very cringe, but happy they love each other 

Yall are so rude... this is what's left of the site huh   this is adorable and well executed

1 hour ago, zcasx said:

People who are finding this cringe/embarassing honestly probably just were never capable of being vulnerable and having fun with who they love due to some kind of trauma. Which is okay but dont take it out on others. This is super cute and well-done for that matter.

Also I'm sick of gays showing their internalised homophobia by making "ironic" homophobic comments. Really what the LGBTQ+ community needs.

this generalization :huntyga::bear::triggered::ladyhaha:

it's natural as humans for us to find people being overly dramatic and happy and extravagant in their joy to be cringe or weird or uncomfortable. same reason why we all lowkey found the naruto kids and theatre girls in high school annoying and cringe even if they weren't hurting anyone. as long as anyone isn't being legit mean to these guys then there's nothing wrong. i mean, they put it on the internet so it's always going to be open to criticism or being turned into a meme, that's just how things are now :shrug:

also baby ironic homophobia is part of being gay. i do it all the damn time and make sterotypical jokes about gays because I am gay and I can assure you I have zero internalized homophobia, in fact I love being gay, gays simply have more fun and that's just science :unicorn:

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The same people calling it cringe are the same people crying about not having a boo and ending up alone. Let people be happy.

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Definitely feel the cringe. Happy for them, of course. 

And I’m not speaking from internalized homophobia—I find the ritual of marriage to be cringey and have always wondered why the gay community wants to assimilate to the heteronormative (often oppressing) traditions. I also see marriage equality as a human rights issue so I do understand the need for it to exist, considering we’re about to head back to the 1930s with ACB on the Supreme Court in the US 

It’s okay to have conflicting views as long as you’re being introspective, imho 

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