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digital art

[Fan Made] Chromatica Vinyl Back Cover

Warhol Killer

This really looks good!

soundophobic polite | soundfanatic dancefight


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9 hours ago, TimisaMonster said:

Why cant her creative team do stuff like this?...


Thank you! I hope they'll do already cause as much fun as it was I want a proper gatefold vinyl

8 hours ago, CHROMATICON said:

I love it and it looks so HQ. :messga:

Omg you don't know how much I spent on google trying to find everything in HQ:fatcat: and then recolor all to white:fatcat: And thank you!

8 hours ago, Danny Milk said:

love this, i honestly dislike the jewel case back cover and think the simple one on the hardcover works better but this is probably the best version ive seen

7 hours ago, Musicisfreedom said:


7 hours ago, Million Gypsies said:

Omg I beg to differ?  This looks absolutely amazing :ladyhaha:

6 hours ago, RAMROD said:

It is nice and so veiny, so hot. :sis:

But I still like the prolapsed one better, maybe it was the pink color :oprah:

Either way both got me feeling something, :pole:

Thank you all so much! I didn't think that people would like my veeery unprofessional stuff (I swear all I did was putting photos over photos in paint 3d, and using sites to remove backgrounds cause I don't have photoshop:billie:) and I'm so glad you all liked it!:kiss:

4 hours ago, Warhol Killer said:

This really looks good!

Omg I can't believe you liked it! I like your work soooo much and you have one of the best fanarts here (and your ARTPOP booklet :bradley: her team needs to take notes)

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