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Chromatica Film Idea


ok so this was a little inspired by @HoneyB 's thread 



Chromatica film idea


We see Gaga alone in her Malibu home, she had just gotten finished with a show and she’s in a lot of pain. She lays on the couch to watch the news to try and ease her mind but all that is on is TMZ reports of her and there appears to be TMZ paparazzi outside her home taking photos from the inside, she closes all of the curtains and begins to have a panic attack and begins to break down mentally, she takes her anti psychotic meds and starts drinking a lot 


Chromatica 1 


She’s starting to fall asleep on her couch and as she’s about to fall asleep she hears a loud noise, she investigates and thinks that someone may have broken into her home. There’s a strange pink glow coming from her closet, we see various iconic outfits from Lady Gaga over the years, as she’s looking for the source of this pink light. She finds a fan letter and sees this was the source, she opens the letter and immediately she’s pulled into a portal and begins falling




The song starts and it’s waking up in a strange ancient temple, waking up on the chromatica portal in the album cover, she sings the chorus as she’s trying to understand what had happened, she is shocked and desperate to look for answers. As the verse plays, she finds an exit out of this temple, she finds she is in a huge dessert with a soul in sight, she sings “take me home take me to wonderland wonderland” on the stairs leading up to the temples entrance, “sick and tired of waking up screaming up at the top of my mind” part and she’s looking for help in the dessert, as the last part of the song plays she finds a strange village full of people that call themselves the “tribes of chromatica” we see sign that says that. The song ends and she is given her stupid love outfit to wear 



Stupid Love


The sequence starts out with her and the kindness punks discussing Gaga and where she is from, the kindness punks inform Gaga about a huge dispute among the various tribes chromatica and she believes that she can help fix this. [ the stupid love video plays ]


Rain on me 


After dealing with the troubles in the tribes of chromatica, she says she needs to find a way home, the tribe elders tell her that if she wants to leave she needs to find why she was brought here in the first place. That is the only way out. She says to seek out the Purple tribe elder in the city. A group of kindness punks get her to the city of Chromatica and she finds the purple tribe elder, aka Ariana Grande. [ Rain on me video plays ] 


Free woman 



We see Gaga and Ariana talking in an a mystical futuristic castle, she says that she has heard of stories about mortals being transported here whenever they need to be taught a very important lesson about life. Ariana explains to Gaga she has heard of a mystical being named “enigma” in the far reaches of chromatica. Gaga thanks ariana and heads off to look for this being, as she is leaving the city she is halted by the Government Officials Tribe, she is put under arrest for trespassing as the kindness punks are a rebellious tribe known to commit many crimes. She is in a prison cell and free womann starts playing. She sings the first chorus trapped in her prison cell, as the second verse starts playing, the kindness punks have shown up to save her from jail. (reference to telephone video) as she’s singing and dancing to fw she thinks this is all to familiar to her real life and questions why she was brought to chromatica. the last chorus plays and she’s dancing on of the jail she was put in (Born this Way Ball castle) and the song ends with her walking off into the sunset. 


Fun Tonight


Gaga now, very paranoid and upset, she’s demanding that she finds this enigma person immediately so she can get home. She and the kindness punks are stationed in a secret warehouse on the outskirts of town. She’s speaking with a fellow kindness punk (which appears to be a fan) She starts complaining about how all the men in her life have treated her and says that she doesn’t care about love anymore. Fun Tonight starts playing and she’s in the middle of a street at night, the chorus starts to play and she has a flashback with her and someone else in a car, it appears that she is with Cristian Carino (a look alike) and she’s singing the song in the car with Cristian. The second chorus plays and she’s really pissed off because he keeps taking her to places that she’ll have her picture taken as it appears he was only using her to get fame for himself. The song ends with her stepping out of the car with paparazzi flashes and it ends with her waking up in the middle of the night in the chromatica warehouse with a loud gasp. The song ends.


Chromatica 2 911


[ Plays 911 Film ]


Plastic Doll


We see Gaga being woken up by a doctor, she’s really confused as to what happened. The doctor states that she tried to commit suicide. The note that brought her to Chromatica was actually her suicide note that she wrote right before she became unconscious and she was out parading in the street and was struck by a car [ end of 911 film ] He tells Gaga that her foot is broken and she is put into a psych ward. Plastic Doll starts playing and the psych ward is a very glamorous version of what a real pshyc ward looks like. Sequins, glitter, gaudy aesthetics. She’s singing and dancing the song with other versions of herself. the song ends with her perched into a hospital bed thinking about how she can get back to chromatica. 


Sour Candy



she’s released from the hospital and her record label calls her, tells her she needs to get back to work and she can’t have another episode like that. She hangs up the phone. she’s driving in LA and pulls over next to strange bar and we see a sign that says Babylon. She enters inside and encounters a strange group of women [ black pink ] which claim to be from an ancient tribe of mythical beings. She asks them if she has ever heard of a place called “chromatica” and they tell her yes. Gaga explains how she was teleported there and asks how she can go back [ sour candy starts to play ] they pull out a spherical object from there pocket and give it to gaga. They start dancing around the club and each girl performs their part while each of them put the sphere into their mouth. Gaga does so as well, gaga starts singing her part as she’s put into a strange ship “chromatica lyric video ship” and they are teleported back to chromatica. Song ends




Gaga’s ship lands on an oceanside and the girls disappear off laughing and chuckling, Gaga screams for them to come back but no response. She’s really confused where she is in chromatica as she does not recognize this area. She here’s a strange voice calling for her name in a cave, and we see a giant waterfall in the cave, a figure appears in the waterfalls reflection and it’s Enigma from the Vegas show. Enigma sings the first verse and chorus of the song, there is flashes of a city in destruction and chaos [vegas show dystopian backdrops ] gaga then sings the next part of the song dancing in front of the waterfall. The last part of the song, Enigma clears a pathway behind the waterfall and there’s a hallway with flashing lights a crowd screaming and cheering. The song ends. Enigma says “Gaga, this is why you were brought here” video ends 



Gaga walks through the hallway and sees that its her own concert, she’s really confused as to why this would be what’s causing her all the distress in her life. Her outfit changes and she’s about to perform for her fans. Replay starts. She’s performing in a huge futuristic concert stadium with thousands upon thousands of people. She’s singing replay to her fans, doing choreography with her dancers, etc. the last chorus of the song plays and we see the fans of her show get on stage piling, gaga is panicking and runs backstage. The song ends with Gaga tripping out of the hallway injured


Chromatica 3 + SFA


she’s limping across to a huge rock in the cave, we see the iconic VMA Rain on ME and Chromatica spotify visualizer Cave and there’s lightning strikes all over the land. She realizes she was brought here because she doesn’t want to be famous anymore, she wants to live a normal life like a normal person. Gaga begins to cry. [Chromatica 3 plays during this moment] she’s sitting alone on a rock watching the lighting strikes of chromatica and  SFA starts to play. She sings the first verse and chorus of SFA on this rock. The parting in the cloud appears and it is Elton, he comes down from heaven and he sings his song on this beautiful staircase with heaven in the background, elton grabs her and and they sing the last part of SFA staring over the land of chromatica. Song ends. 


1000 Doves


Shot starts with Elton and Gaga walking up the stairway up to heaven, her and elton talk and she realizes that its not that she doesn’t want to be famous anymore, it’s that she feels like she is an objectified version of herself and wishes people would accept her for who she is.Elton hands her a chromatica sine wave necklace and says this will heal her and make her strong again. [1000 doves plays] First verse and chorus is her in heaven and she’s sitting at the brain piano, the second verse plays and she’s brought down to the desert of chromatica with all the tribes in harmony and telling Gaga how much they mean to her, and explain stories about how they saved they from dark times. the song ends with all the tribes of chromatica setting up the portal back to earth so she can get home. 




The tribe elders explain that there must be a celebration in order to activate the portal. [ Babylon starts] The portal of the album photoshoot shows, Gaga and the tribes are all dancing on top of the portal. the second verse plays and we see the portal begins to activate, a huge pink beam shoots towards the sky. Gaga and the tribes keep dancing and celebrating, voguing, several different looks are shown, etc. Then the portal opens to the streets of LA. Gaga walks through the portal ending up back at the bar Babylon. we see iconic shots of hollywood and gaga is strutting through downtown LA to the last chorus of babylon. The song ends and she’s standing infront of an arena concert venue, with a poster that says “Lady Gaga live tonight” 


Credits roll to Babylon Haus Labs





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