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Lady Gaga thought about suicide

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This is sad she is still battling with serious mental issues and self harm...this should prove to people no matter how much money you have, how famous you are, pretty, etc...how you feel determines your outlook on life including yours...those are external things and humans are very sensitive beings with high complex emotions and chemicals in our brains...

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Lee Cowan: "Did you think about suicide?" Gaga: "Oh yeah, every day. I lived in this house while people watched me for a couple years, to make sure I was safe   Lady Gaga on CBS This Mo

This doesn't come as a surprise, there are several lyrics on Chromatica about her suicidal thoughts

"I mean, honestly, Lee, I just totally gave up on myself," she says. "I hated being famous. I hated being a star. I felt exhausted and used up." Gaga shows Cowan the piano she used to write many

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5 hours ago, Lippoutou said:

What house ?? Her Malibu mansion ?

Gaga said she lived with BO. Her best friend since she was a little kid. She thanked Bo at her concert (Enigma).

She's said many times she's been "to the GRAVE and back." She's talked about SUICIDAL ideation. It's not exactly a surprise. 

Self-loathing and HOPELESSNESS are among the most central symptoms of depression. She also suffers from PTSD and Fibromyalgia.

(Suicide was the second leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 10 and 34 in the U.S.)

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1 hour ago, Franch Toast said:

As others already have written, it's not surprising if you were paying attention to her lyrics, what she's said in other interviews, etc. Still, it's heartbreaking to see her come right out and admit this. 

This is why it's important not to think of her as a commodity or robot just churning out songs, videos, and "looks." It's all too easy for people to focus on the façade of Lady Gaga and overlook the fact that there is a very human person in there. 

I thought about this at the Enigma M&G with her last December. As I stood in line, I watched people be herded through, with Gaga on display like a zoo animal, and she was incredibly zoned out. Later, I learned from a couple of different sources that she was in extreme pain that night. Just because she chose a career in the spotlight and benefits from her celebrity doesn't mean that being a celebrity isn't extremely challenging at times. She's also very caring and empathetic, and it sounds like she's well-aware of how her own fame affects her friends and family members. 

I hope people will keep this in mind the next time they feel like she and her team aren't doing "enough," or they don't like her makeup or hair or performance. 

After observing her for 11 years, I thought about this persona she displays and wonder how she did all that with past trauma, the anxiety or mental baggage that comes with dealing with the public, the pain she still suffers from her injury and condition. 

We've seen how the entertainment industry treats famous people and how it affects their privacy, their human relations, and their body.

She is a very strong person to keep going on like this and she has good people around her to lift her up enough to a state of mind where she enjoys what she does for a living again.

Good luck with that
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I somehow expected this, but its still such a schock. Mostly the house thing.

And thevway she is so down to earth and real about the whole thing.and the gaga commentary. Damn this whole thing is really heartbreaking

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I wonder when did she have this relapse, if it was after Joanne i cannot even imagine how she managed to go through the ASIB era :( 


Im Harol don't tell anyone
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modern ecstasy
11 hours ago, Lord Temptation said:

I don’t want to be dramatic but I started crying the moment I read this. If Gaga kills herself then I’d probably do the same. 

So did I. I am really surprised by how emotional this made me especially because I haven’t cried in a really long time. This has been alluded to but seeing her say “yes, every day” just hit me so hard. She is such a gift to the world and it would be a much darker place without her.

This also made me even more grateful that she’s surrounded by people who have her best interest at heart. In this industry, I think she is incredibly lucky to have a manager like Bobby, who actually cares about her and in his words, views her as a sister.

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