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Spotify CEO: 3-4 year album gaps flop

7 hours ago, Vampyr said:

but does it really take 3-4 years to create a 10-15 songs album tho?

This is way more prominent with popular artists than it is anyone else. For anyone who dives into genres other than pop and traditional rock, artists are constantly releasing things they do - particularly in hip hop / rap and electronic music. I don't understand the "quality" argument, especially in these other genres where for most hiphopheads in particular, mixtapes are superior to released albums. If the song is not of high quality, don't release it as a filler track for your album. Simple.

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This is half true, Fergie and Gwen Stefani waited so long to release a new solo album and the meltdowns came, with no big fan bases supporting it. Only with right artists (with huge fan base) this works

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