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YOUR Ranking of the "Joanne" Album! (Over 1000 Responses)


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Excellent Tier - (I love these songs and play these more often than not if I return to Joanne)

1. Diamond Heart

2. Joanne

3. Million Reasons

4. Perfect Illusion

Good Tier - (Good album songs but missing something that makes it exceptional)

5. Just Another Day 

6. Angel Down

7.  A-yo

8. Come to Mama

Ehhhh Tier (Either the lyrics are great but the song is eh or the song great but the lyrics are meh). 

9. Dancing In Circles

10. Grigio Girls

11. Sinner's Prayer

12. Hey Girl

We could live without it (I said what I said)

13. John Wayne 


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This is pretty different from what my ranking would be.

1. Angel Down
2. Million Reasons
3. Joanne
4. Diamond Heart
5. Come To Mama
6. A-YO
7. Grigio Girls
8. Just Another Day
9. John Wayne
10. Sinner’s Prayer
11. Perfect Illusion
12. Dancin’ In Circles
13. Hey Girl

I adore Hey Girl and think it gets way too much hate that honestly I don’t understand at all. It’s not my least favorite, but it’s my 13th favorite. Joanne is my favorite album and I adore every song on it!

“Sometimes, when you’re feeling helpless, the secret is to help someone else.”
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