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New ARTPOP Info from littlemonsters.com chat (UPDATED)


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this sounds so amazing, cant wait for ARTPOP :excited2:

they arent fake if somebody dont want to believe i was in chat saw every piece of comments...

It won't be.. she said vol.2 is the experimental stuff, it's all new

Doing more than one volume will be the next thing in music. Greenday are doing it, Robyn did it...so greedy.

*runs off to get fix by listening to Stache*

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It's awesome because instead of it all being released at once like most albums, after we get over the initial excitement on AP1, we can start gettin hyped for AP2, and thus the excitement will be spread throughout the whole year.

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some of the chatpics looks really fake.. why is that??

They were compiled from different posters, but the information is still credible.

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I think it will be like 14 songs, 8 songs on each :shrug:


I AM SOOO BUYING THE SECOND VOLUME if it includes stuff like CAKE and STACHE

She did say that even the experimental stuff is catchy! :shocked: Sooo....she also added that it's just more modern is all and you never know if radio is ready! :ohwell: Maybe she's thinking radio might like the experimental stuff too and therefore have some singles from VOL. 2! :shrug:
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