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Katy Perry - 'Smile' Discussion

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3 minutes ago, 777777777777777777 said:

Is any of that true?


An executive producer is not responsible for financing anything. They are just responsible for supervising the producers and making sure everything is cohesive, within budget and going smoothly. 

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I don’t really care for the album very much. It’s pretty generic. I also find the aesthetic especially the album cover to be cringey. I expected something different from Katy. She needs to stop releasing generic pop music and evolve as an Artist. 

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This album made me appreciate Chromatica so much more. It's not so much that the songs are necessarily bad as they're collectively just so middling that it becomes an uneventful slog. You could lift any of these songs and plop them down in any of her other albums except One of the Boys and they'd fit seamlessly ‚Äď and that's the problem.

It's not really a matter of, "Why are pop girls expected to evolve every era?!" so much as that all artists are expected to evolve in some way with each record ‚Äď at least the best ones are. Katy, in essence, has put out 2 albums ‚Äď One of the Boys + Teenage Dream. Prism, Witness, and Smile are all basically TD reboots done to lesser effect than the original, and Smile is now the weakest effort to recreate that initial sound.

12 years into your career, you have to be switching it up. This album is so stuck in 2010 it's not even funny. I don't think she really knows where to take her career next. She's committed so fully to being THE pop star that any slightly deviant output is ostracizing (see Witness, which stuck its toe out slightly and got stepped on). So unfortunately she's stuck in this weird limbo where it's like, her original fanbase has been severely eroded, but when she did try to branch out a bit, the GP was NOT here for it.

I think she needs to take it back to basics with her next album ‚Äď pick the guitar back up and focus on her songwriting. Mature her sound. I don't think she'll be able to stage the commercial comeback Gaga did, or has the versatility to try on different genres, but at her core, she's still a talented entertainer and knows how to put together a solid song.

I think she can find a new (albeit smaller) audience by turning back to a sort of indie-rock-acoustic sound. Wouldn't be too far off from where started off at, anyway, and I think that was ultimately Katy at her most genuine.

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When are people going to drop the "all her albums sound the same" thing? How is Witness even remotely similar to TD or PRISM? :selena:

Even PRISM despite still being mainly a Pop album decides to go for a more mature AC/HAC sound, something TD didn't have.

It really makes you wonder if the people who make these statements even listen to her albums... :hmm:

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