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Azealia Banks confirms 2 songs with Gaga


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"One of them is recorded, one of them is not recorded, but I can't really say too much about that"

About working with Gaga: "It's insane. She just kinda called me one day. I used to work with her manager, Troy Carter, so we also had contacts and stuff. She just called me the day I shot the 1991 video and was like 'Hey, I have this song, it's about shoes, I think you could do it, I really want you to do it'. And I was just like 'Okay!' "I love it!"

When asked when the songs are coming out, she says she doesn't know, we have to ask Gaga. Video can be found through the following link!


Edit: Also, Lady Gaga during BTW era: "I am my hair, but I'm also my shoes, maybe I'll write a song about this for my next album"

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I think ARTPOP will be about consumerism tbh :nails: Didn't she say she wanted to turn Warhol inside out? Wasn't one of his main themes consumerism? Hmm.

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shoes shoes shoes

lets perty and hit the booze booze booze

gaga in dis bich, you whack b---hes lose lose lose

dis album is fo' taylor cus dat nikka is mah muse muse muse. :derpga:


:legend: :worship2:

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lol hopefully itll be the next black jesus amen fashion and not the next "shoes omg".

Hmmm interesting

I wonder what kind of shoes it's going to reference?!?

da shoe with da bleed!!

(christian loubatins)

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