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Chromatica: Reviews Thread


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3 minutes ago, xoxo Craig said:

Yaaaaaas :tony:

have you seen any new one? if you read anything new, please post it! 

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They're always exceptionally harsh on established artists and very lenient towards newer, younger artists. Artists like Eminem, Gaga, Katy, Timberlake can barely crack 70 whereas Selena Gomez who

Welcome to the world of Chromatica Reviews! We will keep track on the Metacritic, and as well reviews from the publications.  Official Metascore: 79 (23 Reviews)  Album of the Yea

Ugh, you just reminded me that ARTPOP deserved better. I actually can't believe she doesn't have a higher metascore than 78


Chromatica Review

By Howell Davies

THERE’s a tendency in this industry to throw female pop stars on the scrapheap after a few years, declaring them past it or not as exciting as the newbies bursting through.

But 12 years after her debut single, Lady Gaga is proving there’s still a place for pop in 2020 and she’s leading the way with fluorescent pink hair and electronic anthems to boot.

While the lyrics document heartbreak and hardship, sonically Chromatica is fizzing with optimism following her more downbeat 2016 album Joanne.

She had already released two of the best songs of 2020 so far with Stupid Love and Rain On Me, featuring Ariana Grande, but there are plenty of other standout moments, including Enigma, 911, Replay and Babylon, which sounds like a modern tribute to Madonna’s Vogue.

A couple of tracks, including Plastic Doll, fall slightly flat, but this is a triumphant comeback and her best album since 2011’s Born This Way.

With Chromatica, Gaga will be soundtracking dancefloors for years to come.


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2 minutes ago, Dolce Vita said:

I wonder what PretentiousFork will give Gaga this time around :poot: 


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Just now, ConnorFilm said:

The Sun doesn’t count for MC, does it? 

As far I know, NO. But we will keep track on every reviews, and as well METACRITIC certified! :legend:

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1 hour ago, EuphoricVibez said:

Oh 💀 Well, we'll wait on that then, but that user's review is a promising start

Yeah, but some users are giving bad rates!

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