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'Chromatica' Discussion - ACT IV


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Guest WhoDoWeHaveHere

I have a theory :trollga:
All the leaks are actually from Gaga and her team to either test the waters or create hype.
Frist the stupid love leak last year where the forum speculated that it sounded very born this way and everyone would love that sound and it actually turned into the lead single. The other leaks like rain on me (also single), free woman and babylon are songs she talked about in the zane interview because they're probably the standouts from the album so they wanted us to hear it to create hype. know what i mean? she didn't talk about alice and there's no alice leak. What do you guys think? Am I
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Guest Messy vers
7 minutes ago, FATCAT said:

Albums usually leak within a week of release, this thread is for users that don't want to have the album spoiled by leaks (that happen randomly & are usually inevitable)

But chromatica hasnt to leak?

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Yessss! Thank you so much for this @FATCAT!

My first era not listening to any leaks and I'm so glad I can still come on to GGD and chat with everyone whilst avoiding spoilers :party:

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Thanks for making this thread, I'm avoiding leaks this era :whitney:

she/her | no you can't be on my momma album
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Set my alarm for 5am, I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a song in years! Hope she posts at least one more teaser in the next couple of hours to get us through :excited2:

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