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Father wants GaGa/Madonna concert for Peace!

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I'd be 100% here for them doing a one off charity concert, or perhaps a limited tour run in stadiums (LDN, NYC, LA), that could maybe coincide with a single collaboration.

However, it'd need to be at a time when it's mutually beneficial, not just when Madonna fancies more attention.

Drama aside, it would kick ass. Just IMAGINE the setlist. It would be like Gay Mecca.

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Madonna is the bully though. I'd be so pissed at Gaga if she did anything than a once-off performance. It'd be worse than Rihanna getting back with Chris.

No. How is verbal bullying worse than physical abuse?

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the news section these days is freaking hilarious...

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Thought this was an article about Gaga's dad wanting an on-stage collab.. and no, I wouldn't want it. It'd probably end up being like one of those 'The Voice' battles where they try to out sing each other.

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You know what will happen at the venue right?


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