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Father wants GaGa/Madonna concert for Peace!

Illuminati Freak

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Miss Murder

No way

There is no feud. Madonna is bullying Gaga.

Exactly how can it be a feud when it is really only one sided... And I'm sorry but I would never work with anyone who ever treated me that rude.

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There will never be a concert. They will either colloborate or appear on stage together for a song. I was hoping during the tour that would happen. If not, it will. Elton is her mentor and Elton and Madonna have made up.

Elton John was at a restaurant in Nice, France, a few months ago with his husband, where Madonna was eating before her concert. He went over to Madonna's table and buried the hatchet. Witnesses said they were chatting away. Just this week, Elton's husband, who had blasted her this year, bitter because she beat them out over their song at the Golden Globes had this to say about Madonna:

''I think she's a great artist ... she's an inspiration to all of us. Seriously ... I love her.''

See how all these popstars make up. Quick and fast when it happens. So the road is paved for a Madonna/Gaga duet.

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Ray of Light

The day it happens, if it ever does happen, everyone will be there watching. Even the pressed fans that have been saying "No." :nacho:

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Madonna just wants to use Gaga to gain publicity and make it so all of Gaga's fans start buying Madonna stuff.

I don't believe Madonna actually cares about being friends with Gaga.

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no i dont want gaga anywhere near that woman who mocked her the past year numerous times and thank god she gave a big fat NO to madonna (remember she made that imitation is the biggest flattery comment while dedicating a song to gaga).madonna proved many times that she does thing only to gain something and gaga shouldnt let her use her name to gain anything (success ,money etc)

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