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Father wants GaGa/Madonna concert for Peace!

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The production cost would be astronomical and would be like $300 a ticket for nosebleed seats lol

I see that M doesn´t give a f**ck to Gaga feelings.

M damaged Gaga album and image, and now M wants more, wants this, M wants that, ...

What about Gaga? Didn´t she already said NO? Yes, she did.

So, lets have a little respect to our Idol feelings, for once. K?

Please don't go on an OT tangent

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I'd honestly love a collaboration... it'd be so EPIC... I don't think some people here actually realise how much authority Madge holds... If Gaga can even have HALF as a successful career as her, I'd be happy... :nacho:

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Disputes aside it would probably be an amazing song. Gaga would probably piss off elton tho.

Elton and Madonna have made up, and his husband even said everything is fine now and praised Madonna the other day.

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Madonna is the bully though. I'd be so pissed at Gaga if she did anything than a once-off performance. It'd be worse than Rihanna getting back with Chris.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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