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Luxe Ford

This is for Michael Alig who died on Christmas eve or Christmas day.


I didn't know him, but we had some contact because he meant a lot to me when I was a kid.

This song was on the soundtrack of the movie about him starring - quite badly - Macauley Culkin :triggered:!!!

It's just so sad....

The next day I heard another friend, Zoe, had died. And she really loved "Dope".

It was funny, because I really didn't like it back then.

I only played it for her because Gaga sounded so much like Meatloaf (hangs head in shame).

But she connected to it to the brink of tears.


Two lives lost. You'd think you get used to it. But it's just another layer of pain.

Just cherish the memories. 



That. Was. In. Bad. Taste.

Forgot that the first song is called "Overdose" which was what killed above persons.

This is more cheerful!

Money Success Fame Glamour 



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Been listening to this all week. One of her best    

Don't hate me because my intentions are misunderstood.  

Luxe Ford

Oki. No dead friends!

Sort of Electroclash. Let's party!..

Don't you wanna know how we keep starting fires?


What happens in Luxe Ford stays in Luxe Ford
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Luxe Ford

Indochine + Christine and the Queens - Troixième Sèxe

We've come a long way since 1984, and blurred gender lines isn't anything shocking anymore.
And people from different generations *can* bond and make heart felt music videos and be adorable AF.


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What happens in Luxe Ford stays in Luxe Ford
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