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PHOTOS: Gaga visits Julian Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy


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Bad for the US? He just showed to the world the real face of 'democracy' we're living in and how the US government does whatever they want with other countries intern problems.

Keep on thinking governments are up to protect people, they just care about their own interests.

Some of you should seriously start thinking by yourselfs and not believe everything that television says to you.

And... about Gaga----> :clap: :clap: :clap:


That's funny to see how the medias really do their job well. Their sort of brainwashing is amazing !

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For anyone who doubt that Gaga is a master marketing engine... 624 related news articles in regards to this and a spike of 1 mill news searches went to 11 mill... and a regular search of 400 mill to 600 + mill...

Whether good or bad publicity, she knows how to work it...

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Gaga is Life

I love the timing of this. I have just recently found out about this Julian person (I'm guessing that means I must've been living underneath a rock as big as something from a store that specialises in very big things) because good old Australia is making a television series movie thing on him. And I asked my mum who he is and she told me. And now Gaga, looking stunning, visits him. I think from now on I wouldn't be able to help but think of Gaga when people make me think of him :haha:

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Funny comments on Guardian article.


Assuming it was just the two of them, what did Gaga and Julian talk about for five hours? Answers, please, below.

After 5 hours of intense make up and consultancy by Lady Gaga, the one who came out of the Embassy was actually Assange disguised as Lady Gaga and they fooled the whole Metropolitan Police and all interested Intelligence services.

'I can like totes relate to your situation julian..once i was in a night club and i wanted to make a call but couldnt get any signal! It was so disturbing I even wrote a song about it"
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