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Gaga throws up on stage in Barcelona 10/7


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Forrest Gump

:ohno: What. I saw a puking Bieber the other day. Now a PukeGA. Hope Gaga's okay. She needs to take a good rest..

mk-utra malfunctioning
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Mister G

I am really starting to get concerned about her health. She's been having these episodes more recently than the MBall.

I hope it's just that she's tired and there's nothing too serious :ohno:

It seems like only when she's in Europe she gets sick like this. I forget where but I think in August she also got sick during like 2 of the shows in Europe where she went backstage to throw up before her piano segments. Everywhere else she had been doing just fine. There must be some bug going around or some type of bacteria spreading. I'm sure once she starts her South American Leg she'll be top notch again.

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inb4 Beliebers start accusing GaGa of copying.


anyways, back on the subject...

When I read stuff like this I get so worried. She is so strong and beautiful. I pray always that she stays safe and is OK out there... :flutter:

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Haha sorry guys, I didn't see it posted on the front page here so I made a thread :red: Anyways, even though she was throwing up she kept on going - so fabulous.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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