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Gaga throws up on stage in Barcelona 10/7


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Bless her soul. She really does care about keeping the show on the road for her fans

All around the world, don’t forget… Sky is limit…
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I'm ready for the whole " Oh professional people would hold their vomit,stop the show,go backstage,And then continue singing in the exact part of the song again " comments from other music forums,And YouTube comments.

Exactly what I was thinking :roll:

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I don't know if I want to watch it or not....I have a weak stomach......is it really bad? I want to watch it, but I'm scared it will make me feel nauseous......

Oh, don't worry, I'm like that too. Vomit is one of the most disgusting things for me lol

Don't watch it. It's not good to see someone you care feeling bad anyways.

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That is why she is so amazing. She risks her health and everything for her fans. She wanted to finish the show and ffs she finished it. :)

I'm proud to be a fan of such an amazing woman.

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Holy crap how many times has she thrown up on this tour??? It must really be THAT stressful. As for her professionalism. WOW. I notice when shes on stage and there's some type of malfunction, the girl NEVER misses a beat. More reason to praise her tbh.

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From the "Justin Bieber throws up on stage thread"

http://gagadaily.com....in bieber&st=0


Before saying "no one ever said that" atleast make sure it's true.

EDIT: and yes, ignorant people will never change

this! :tea:

thanks for bringing this up and showing how some people in this fanbase really are. makes you see why other fan bases say "little monsters" are the worst stans and such hypocrites :nails:

oh and throwing up doesn't help with pregnancy rumors :nacho:

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