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Gaga throws up on stage in Barcelona 10/7


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I love her dedication but she needs to relax sometimes, everyone will understand if she needs a break or just a few days sleeping and pampering herself. She's only human

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Her vomit is so cute :fan:

yet most of yall were laughing at bieber for vomiting and said he could have done it backstage. well your fave just did so

None of us said that.

He stopped the show and ran backstage right after,While Gaga kept dancing like a BOSS.

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Worst possible time for her to puke. Now everyones going to see this and say she lipsyncs.

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That vomit>>> our lives

Lmao at how it was attention-seeking when Bieber did it but now it's extremely sad

Of course it is,Gaga is god himself.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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