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Stay updated here: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html I have seen alot of threads about Coronavirus lately on Gagadaily, so I decided I dunno, maybe we should have a thread which has updat

Some advice from a Chinese liddo: 1. Take this seriously enough, but don’t panic. Sometimes what we suspect might be COVID 19 symptoms such as headaches and chest pains are just results of our ex

So I found out today people in my family have COVID-19; and 1 has passed this morning... I’m so heartbroken. I can’t physically be there for them.

On 3/25/2020 at 1:47 PM, kyanewest said:

A family friend, their dad just died of coronavirus this morning :messga:

So apparently he had severe symptoms last night they brought him to the hospital and he died this morning. His family think that they didn't even waste their time with him because of his age (around 80, he has underlying condition like diabetes)

The whole family has now corona. Im not sure if they isolate themselves, I hope they do, but they all seem a bit reckless, the type of people who think 'it's not a big deal i'll go out and greet people with my hand'. I say that because another family friend want to go see them in their house (where they all have the virus) for condoleances. It seems these people do NOT understand the severity of this. I live in France by the way. I think the hospitals are saturated and they pick a young person's life over yours. BE CAREFUL.

I have now decided to order food online and never leave the house. 

How could they not understand the severity of it when their dad just literally died??

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Just A Holy Fool

Ontario just announced their biggest one day jump in confirmed cases, 351 :( 


As well, 9 elderly people have died from the virus at a long term care home outside of Toronto. 

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Since Gaga wants to help fight COVID19

someone tell her & her team to rent out Buses like they did for the Born This Way Ball & use the BTWF as a partnership with whatever hospital to create more testing sites across America or worldwide.

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44 450 cases (+4276 in 24h)

3024 deaths (+418 in 24h)

mortality rate : 6.8%

France has surpassed Iran in deaths and it is the 4th country to reach 3000+ deaths

01 Italy 11 591 deaths

02 Spain 7340 deaths

03 China 3304 deaths

04 France 3024 deaths

05 Iran 2757 deaths

06 US 2405 deaths



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xoxo Craig

The UK figures are as follows:

Positive number of cases - 22, 141

Number of deaths related to Covid 19 - 1,408


The figures for Scotland are as follows:

Positive number of cases - 1,563

Deaths related to Covid 19 - 47

End Racism Now
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xoxo Craig

The chief medical officer for Scotland has said that a 13 week (3 month) lockdown is probably be the next step. There are talks that a UK lockdown for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months, with a review every 3 weeks, is to be implemented after the first review which will be in the next couple of weeks.

The UK is nowhere near its peak, despite the Government saying we'll reach it in a couple weeks. We are probably around 3-4 weeks behind Italy and not yet on a strict lockdown. The UK is handling things really really badly

End Racism Now
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2 hours ago, ThatBinch said:

How could they not understand the severity of it when their dad just literally died??

I honestly don't know. Some people just don't get it

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One of my roommates continue to defy the stay at home order and leaves the house at least 3 times a day :saladga: I'm almost at the point of calling the police on him, or even asking the landlord to evict him. It's so infuriating to live with someone so careless about this fiasco. He's putting the lives of my other roommate and me at risk. I would like to see my fiance and family again :crossed:

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Video Dream
11 minutes ago, TheCureinMalibu said:

over 800,000 cases   worldwide :air:

In fact, there are way more cases. Most people with symptoms don’t get tested and many people are asymptomatic. This can seem scary but it is in fact reassuring. The real death rate is really lower than official numbers (the people with COVID-19 that are not tested are not taken into consideration. 

This could also be a good thing for herd immunity... 

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