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its obviosuly the single is called DISNEY PRINCESS HIGH or FEED MY LOVE

HOLY ****ING ****

Again... here is the link with the FULL SONG MIXED TOGETHER http://soundcloud.co...ou-feed-my-love :roll: EDIT: Shes commented on it saying its incorrect!

If this is what she can do by just layering some lyrics over a pre-made track with minimal production on her part then I think ARTPOP is going to be fantastic.

Let's not forget that she said Zedd worked on several tracks.. right here she is showing us the magic that herself and Zedd can create together -even on a track that's not for her. Just imagine what a track would sound like with more solid lyrics, her vocals and a production tailored to her with her input.

I think this is an excellent taster and I think this gives us a lot of clues as to how some of the new music could sound.

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Space Banana

Why can't anybody here use their brains? She's clearly just having fun and testing the waters by singing/ free styling over one of Zedd's existing tracks. Stop ****ing critiquing it.

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@MarcMonster: LMAOOOOOO http://t.co/wt8gigEx

@MarcMonster: @Jamesesesess but...you made the same one. thats all that matters. Plus you probably just copied mine seeing as you did it 15 min after me

I've NEVER, EVER seen someone as much pathetic as this guy. It's unbelievable. :smh:

Someone's sooo pressed :pressed:

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my ears are having an orgasm. FINALLY SOME NEW GOOD MUSIC! :heat: :mittens: :Heatemyunicorn:

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The "Let's get messed up" part kinda irks me. She's 26 first of all...like I think she's a bit old to be saying somethin like that. And also, it's totally something Ke$ha would say in one of her songs. Gaga you're above this! Still, not gonna judge anything yet, waiting till the album itself comes out.

she's above having a good time? She's above kesha? **** off
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No, but she's above writing **** lyrics. Lol, seriously, I know this was just a "fun" project, but her vocals really detract from the original song.

The only good part is still when she rhymes "Sartre" and "awkward." LMAO.

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