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Lady Gaga debuts New Music/Cake Remix at Mugler Fashion Show


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Free Monster

How reliable is this info though?

that's nicolas twitter, he's the creative director of Mugler. What more info do you want?

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Gaga is Life

Im wondering if it could be Ratchet

I'm hoping it's something we already know about like Cake or Ratchet or PARTYNAUSEOUS, rap isn't my thing and I don't really want too much of it :)

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I knew it, I knew it. :dies:

but if Cake gets to be on the album, then Princess Die can.

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Lady Gaga/ Madonna/Lana /Azealia Banks/ Jazmine Sullivan/ DEEE-LITE/ Moko
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I take twitter with a negative grain of salt.Just sharing what I am finding

:nails::usrs: :P


Lets go take a howl at that moon🌙 -Crowley
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Well from the tweets, it could be another part of Cake......

wasnt the first song long enough?


inb4 she's crazy and puts it on ARTPOP

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I am actually really excited to hear this!

I wonder what she says about Cathy Horyn, I remember the V magazine article she wrote about her :dies:

The fight goes on. :rofl:

In a situation that is becoming more and more absurd by the minute, there’s a new twist in the great Cathy Horyn/Oscar de la Renta beef of 2012: Horyn’s boyfriend Art Ortenberg has now weighed in.

Just to re-cap what’s been happening in case you missed it:

• Cathy Horyn opened her review of Oscar de la Renta’s show with this sentence: “Mr. de la Renta is far more a hot dog than an éminence grise of American fashion.â€

• Oscar de la Renta then took out a full page ad in WWD in which he asked if he had the right to call Horyn a “stale three day old hamburger†and said he did not accept “when criticism is personal.â€

• Lady Gaga then tweeted: “Bravo Oscar. Only you would be so chic as to purchase an entire page in WWD, making statements like a good fashion citizen.â€

After a few days of silence, now Art Ortenberg, who is Liz Claiborne’s widower and Horyn’s current boyfriend, has jumped into the meaty fray. He wrote a letter to the editor at WWD saying:

True, Cathy Horyn is my girlfriend. Nevertheless,
I feel it necessary to cudgel Gaga for her badly informed, dumbing-down opinion that an uninformed opinion is as valid as that of a seasoned critic  as though Gaga and Bridget Foley of WWD or David Denby of The New Yorker or Ben Brantley of The New York Times or Brooks Atkinson or Pauline Kael or any professional critic is just another opinion and that Gaga’s vacuous thoughts deserve the same status. Grow up, Gaga.

We ran into Cathy Horyn at a show during London fashion week and asked her to comment about the beef, but she understandably told us she didn’t want to address it anymore–that it was “over.†Obviously it’s not totally over.

Just this morning, stylist Lori Goldstein
: “don’t have ur boyfriend fight ur fights. yes. everyone is a critic these days.. and a designer. and a ……….. welcome to the 21st centuryâ€

While she doesn’t name names, we’re pretty sure that’s aimed at Cathy Horyn. Which is a little bit silly, because is there anyone on the planet who thinks Horyn can’t fight her own fights?

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this is perfect tbh. Better be slayful.

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