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Lion Heart

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Butterfly by Mariah Carey


This Album is so great, Honey, Butterfly and Fourth of July are some Songs that you have to hear before you die.

(I would give every Track on this Album a 10/10 tho)

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1. laughing and not being normal - 9/10 2. California - 8.5/10 3. SCREAM (feat. Aristophanes) - 7/10 4. Flesh without Blood - 10/10 5. Belly of the Beat - 8/10 6. Kill V. Maim

Caracal by Disclosure = 10/10 I am surprised I liked every single song on the album, when I only liked a few on their debut album. This album is just great and I find anything wrong with it. Everythi

This is such a great album!!

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1. laughing and not being normal - 9/10

2. California - 8.5/10

3. SCREAM (feat. Aristophanes) - 7/10

4. Flesh without Blood - 10/10

5. Belly of the Beat - 8/10

6. Kill V. Maim - 10/10

7. Artangels - 9/10

8. Easily - 8/10

9. Pin - 8.5/10

10. REALiTi - 10/10

11. World Princess, Pt. II - 10/10

12. Venus Fly (feat. Janelle Monae) - 10/10

13. Life in the Vivid Dream - 8/10

14. Butterfly - 9.5/10

15. REALiTi (demo) - 10/10

OVERALL = 9/10 

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"Art Angels" by Grimes 2015


TBH this is one of the best electronic albums i've ever heard. I'm loving every song of it, It's so so good

i am giving this 10\10! Grimes is sooo good at her work , If you are a fan of this kind of music, You find yourself


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Thomas P
On 9/26/2012 at 3:09 AM, Rehab said:



Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette


I use to always remember this album being played when I was growing up, usually while cruising with my mom in her Mustang GT (Oh the wonderful childhood memories). I never really understood the album back then, being that I was so young. I've been listening to this album on repeat for a while now and I honestly can't ever get enough of it.. It's a beautiful masterpiece and should be appreciated/listened too by everybody at least once in their lifetime :legend:

SAME EXACT STORY (minus the mustang)

Its a 13/10, and the fact that so many ppl on this site dont know about it so weird, because it sold like 35 million units and has been dubbed 1 of the best albums of the 90s.





OT: One of the Boys Katy Perry.........8/10

I’m a simple guy to please, if you like Melodrama, we chill.
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Daft Punk - 'Homework' (1997)


Still one of my favorite albums ever. So much nostalgia. I love how this album captures the retro essence of this era in music. Simple, catchy, and a little rebellious.

Nothing like lighting up a bowl and blaring 'Around the World' :flutter:

Strung out for another taste
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Janet Jackson - UNBREAKABLE (2015)

1. Unbreakable 8/10

2. BURNITUP! (ft. Missy Elliott) 7/10

3. Dammn Baby 8/10

4. The Great Forever 10/10

5. Shoulda Known Better 10/10

6. After You Fall 9/10

7. Broken Heart Heal 8/10

8. Night 9/10

9. No Sleeep (ft. J. Cole) 9.5/10

10. Dreammaker / Euphoria 7/10

11. 2 B Loved 6.5/10

12. Take Me Away 9.5/10

13. Promise 9/10

14. Lessons Learned 8/10

15. Black Eagle 9/10

16. Well Traveled 8/10

17. Gon' B Alright 8/10

Promise of You (Bonus) 9/10

Overall: 9/10 (due to the album being a non-stop album/story. I love albums like that)

This album is special to me, because it helped me to discover a true pop/r'n'b legend. Ms. Jackson

Can't wait to see her live in April! :air:

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sia-this is acting. 9.5/10

really good album. Alive keep slaying me.such an anthem. i wanna sing it loud, but i cant cuz im at work.lol.:toofunny:got it on repeat.

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Shania Twain - Come on Over (1997)


TBH the main reason why I turned out gay. This album was a big part of my childhood and Shania did Pop Country justice long before Taylor Swift attempted a music career. Each song is pure love song perfection and the album has the perfect blend of slow and melodic vs. upbeat dance music. 

Fav songs: Man, I Feel Like a Woman, From this Moment On, When, You're Still the One, I'm Holding Onto Love

When you see that you're needed You'll fall in the hands of innocence
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Madonna, Rebel Heart- 8/10

Much better then MDNA but their are still some lackluster tracks (illuminati). The bonus tracks are some of the best on the album. Overall pretty solid

was NickARTPOP
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Kiel Gyllenhaal


I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by The 1975 = 9.5/10

Imo its so far the best album released this year. It's a complete package; smart but catchy lyrics, great vocals, and groovy and funky addictive production. If you like retro and alternative/modern rock pop or The 1975 in general, you'll love this album.

"My people… need to let our bitchiness out. Otherwise, it turns to bile and poisons us"
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Vroom Vroom - Charli XCX

Easily my favorite release from her. Quirky and addictive cyber pop. 10/10 :nick:

"Who are we, if not slaves to this torment?"
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