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Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne (A gorgeous album of mainly ballads after five years since her previous, more upbeat release. )

1. ”Head Above Water”. <8/10.> She poured her heart and soul into this ballad after her illness, and this song embodies what she was going for with this album. Like Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814, the “message” of the album is conveyed through only a handful of songs like this one, while the album consists mainly of love-songs. Beautiful video and opening to the show.

2. “Birdie” <7.5/10> This is just a beautiful classic Avril song. The piano is my favorite part, with almost a gothic twinkling. 

3. “I Fell in Love with The Devil” <8.5/10>. Beautiful song with gorgeous strings, gorgeous video, and a favorite of Avril herself since she wrote it by herself. The placement at the tour was perfect, as part of the encore with the more famous “I’m With You” to follow and close out. 

4. “Tell Me It’s Over”. <9/10>. This ballad is gorgeous. This video is gorgeous. The live version was gorgeous. 

5. “Dumb Blonde”. <3/10>. Why? We know Avril and Bonnie McKee both can write beautiful songs, but we know they can also write cringey songs, which clearly happened here. The Avril only version is better than the Nicki version, but that doesn’t stop it from being the only “miss” on this album. She performed it live too, when this album has other more performance-worthy material. 

6. “It Was In Me”. <10/10>. This ballad is beautiful, fits the concept of the album, and should have been a single. Her vocals, though tweaked, wreck me still. 

7. “Souvenir”. <9.5/10>. This should have been a single. It’s an upbeat summer song with zero cringiness and seems like a missed opportunity. 

8. “Crush”. <9/10>. Just yet another beautiful love ballad. My sister is actually using this song at her wedding. 

9. “Goddess”. <8/10>. This is the only accoustic song, despite being an album of largely ballads. I know this song got crap for it’s forced use of the word “Bananas” to rhyme with other words, but if you listen to the whole song, it’s actually fun and cute how she makes more words rhyme in the chorus. 

10. “Bigger Wow”. <8.5/10>. I like this more mature approach at an upbeat song from Avril. 

11. “Love Me Insane”. <9/10>. I underestimated this one at first. It actually might somehow be the catchiest (among other catchy songs) despite the simplicity. 

12. “Warrior”. <7.5/10>.  Another one that fits the concept, and Avril herself had more control on this one than most of the others. The chorus could be better. 

Album: an 8.3/10. This joins Under My Skin and Goodbye Lullaby as one of my favorite Avril albums. 

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MASSEDUCTION by St. Vincent 

8.5/10 Amazing record. Makes me wish gaga would work with Jack.


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Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

Rating: 9/10

Country mix into pop is one of the greatest blends i've ever listened to (As well as madonna's MUSIC album) 

this album has most of my favorite tracks, and it's a very therapeutic yet intriguing album to listen to. the live drums, live Acoustics, give me them ray of light vibes!!

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God Control

If you mean last album that I listened to for the first time, it would be Katy Perry’s Smile and I rate it 8.5/10

But if you mean last album even a replay, it’s Madame X and I rate it 10/10

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Better Day

Smile - Katy Perry

Never Really Over - 5/10 (got old very fast)

Cry About It Later (5/10)

Teary Eyes (4/10)

Daisies (2/10)

Resilent (3/10)

Not The End Of The World (7/10) (my favourite but got boring quickly)

Smile (5/10)

Champagne Problems (6/10)

Tucked (2/10)

Harleys In Hawaii (5/10)

Only Love (4/10)

What Makes A Woman (7/10) (too short)

Overall (5/10)

Initially, I really enjoyed the album. The album has some bops on it. The album is not really different from her previous works. This album has the same problems as her previous work which is it gets tired and dull really quick. I do listen to some of the songs on the album. I just wish Katy would evolve with her sound.


Together You And I!
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On 6/9/2020 at 2:43 PM, SineFromHell said:


MASSEDUCTION by St. Vincent 

8.5/10 Amazing record. Makes me wish gaga would work with Jack.



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Don't You Feel Amazing? - Trash Boat


8/10 :bradley:

the pro-gay bop He's So Good really goes off too :bradley:

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