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Lion Heart

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Lion Heart


Muse- The 2nd Law

Rating: 6/10

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I know people throw out 10's left and right, but there are probably only two other albums I've heard in my life I would rate a 10 (I'm 27 :flop: ). I wouldn't even rate any of Gaga's albums a 10 because while they have some of the best songs I have ever heard, they have some duds, too.

Halcyon is really amazing. Every single song sounds of QUALITY! You can tell she invested a lot of time on each track to make sure they are all perfect. It's a lot more mature than her first album and a million times better. The main track list is a little more low tempo than the bonus tracks, so if you want the upbeat stuff, definitely get the deluxe version.

Best Pop Album of 2012 and one of the best records period. It blows everything in recent memory away IMO.

Favorite Track - My Blood

Favorite Bonus Track - The End

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Dark, gritty and heartbreaking, this is a real insight into the murky lives of the underprivelaged lower class in east London. From the riotous sounding title track to the superb narration and voice acting of Pity The Plight to the tear-inducing rap ballad, Playing With Fire, you certainly get taken on a journey. I only wish that the elements of electric guitar and piano on Playing With Fire could have been used a bit more frequently throughout. While a soundtrack album for the film of the same name, it stands perfectly well on its own as a concept piece and I'm really interested in listening to more of Plan B's work now.



WOW. This is a serious upgrade from her debut. I'll admit, I have never thought highly of Ellie and I found her debut bland and middle of the road. Her re-release tracks were a bit of a step up but not by much but I never thought she'd be capable of an album this good. It's light, breezy and gorgeously atmospheric. It is notably more adventurous, developed, mature and confident compared to her very tentative debut. And the best part is, while there is some average tracks, there is not one bad track on this album which is very impressive considering that there's 13 standard edition tracks and an additional 7 bonuses on the deluxe editions, making for 20 songs and it's quite difficult to maintain your game over an album of that length. The deluxe is well worth it for the bonuses and remixes. Ellie claims that since dating Skrillex, her music has perhaps subconsciously been inspired by him. Well, if he made her music this good, I hope they stay together forever.



While not a good score by any means, this album wasn't actually quite as bad as I imagined it would be. I'm quite feeling the grimy style of this southern rap but the lyrics could be so much more and 2 Chainz just doesn't capitivate me enough for an hour long album. It looks like he's one of those artists who provides a decent guest verse but can't carry off a full-blown solo album.

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Ocean Eyes by Owl City = 9/10

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Owl City = 7.5/10

"My people… need to let our bitchiness out. Otherwise, it turns to bile and poisons us"
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Kiss By Carly Rae Jepsen - 6/10...too bubble gum for my liking and most of the songs sound the same from one another. "Tonight I'm Getting Over You" is great though.

The Spirit Indestructible by Nelly Furtado - 7/10. Solid album but underrated. This definitely is far from that "Bionic" mess and there are a lot of good songs. though album fillers like "something" and "enemy" drags the album down.

The Truth About Love by P!nk - 9/10. Probably P!nk's most commercial album, the whole album is cohesive and good. Most of the songs are growers but once you get the flow, you'll be addicted. The bonus tracks are also single worthy (enter "Timebomb" and "Is this thing on"). The ballads aren't as bad as i expected them to be.

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The XX- Coexist


Original, haunting and inspiring. All the songs are great, but i still need to listen to THE EPIC ONE. It was like travelling through a surrealistic landscape.

Green Day-UNO!


Such a disappointing album. Predictable, unoriginal, huge "dejavu" feeling ...

Mumford and Sons-Babel


A pleasant surprise, the lyrics are just pure gold. Amazing folk masterpiece

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Listen Up by Haley Reinhart. 9/10

Literally 9 out of 10 tracks. I didn't like the first one because B.o.B was in it and I can't stand him

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Selah Sue by Selah Sue

Rating: 9.5/10, 4.75/5 stars, A, 95/100

A 'must listen to' album, it's a crazy R&B/soul record similar to the work of Amy Winehouse and her voice is very similar to Swedish pop singer Robyn. :legend:

I discovered her during the Kinder Bueno commercial. :laughga:

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I really like the slow feel of the album, it all connects very well and like the album title says, this is a very peaceful tranquil album. My favorite track is Halcyon. The only flaw i find is some of her pitches are annoying, hearing EH EH EH EH is annoying after awhile, but damn catchy...

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