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Stefani Tee
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Slasher 6: Murder in Palermo

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Hello everyone! With the allowance of @Antonio (thanks to you again), I'm very happy to announce my first season of Slasher 6, 'Murder in Palermo‘

Slasher or Murder in Palermo is a party game created for about 12 to 20 people, but can be accommodated for more or less, this edition will have 20 players less or more. There are 2 alignments in the game : Mafia and Civilians.


1. You must post in this thread at least once in every 24 hours! All players who are inactive will face uncertain doom, a randomiser will decide who lives and who dies from the inactive players, so if you know you'll be inactive, don't sign up!

2. I will use a randomiser to assign roles to all the players, and once the sign ups close, you will be sent your role per PM.

3. The game is split into two phases. Day time and Night time. We all have different time zones so instead of actual day time and night time it will be fictional. I will have them in 48 hour periods to allow everyone a chance to vote and converse with fellow players. In the night time, killers will vote in a private group chat on who they want to kill while the civilans are "asleep". In the day time, all players will chat in the thread and try to get to know each other as much as possible, as well as vote to lynch a suspect.

4. After someone is killed during the night, I will write an update during day time and announce (as the narrator) who was killed as well as how and what role they were.

5. In the day time, the players need to vote on who they think the evil ones are. They can also chat amongst themselves, even the Mafia/Anonymous pretending to be innocent. The Mafia/Anonymous can vote too. The player with the most votes cast against them will be executed, if they are right when voting, a killer is eliminated. If they're wrong, they killed an innocent member on their team!

6. PMing screenshots of roles to each other is forbiden, you can claim a role but it's totally up to the other person if they believe you.

7. You must not reveal nor "claim" a role (pretend to be someone you're not ex. Mafia pretending to be a Civilian) in the thread.

Private chats are allowed between the players, but I must be added into them!

As the host of the game I need to watch over everything and make sure everything is fair and no rules are broken, if you don't add me to a PM there will be consequences!





Oh wow, you're a civilian! You live in the wealthy side of Palermo and have a pretty good job which you love a lot. Civilians don't get to be in groupchats. The only way you guys can communicate is through the thread or by PMing with another player. You're a harmless player, so you better lock yourself inside your house, work and pay those bills.

Wins with: Civilians



You're part of the Mafia! Together with your team, you figured out the perfect plan to terrorise Palermo! Players who are Mafia are all in a group chat together. You all vote on who to kill during the night and develop strategies through the PM. It is your job to keep your role a secret, nobody can know your role except for your Gang. In the day time, the civilians will vote on who they think killed their allies  and the Mafia will vote for whoever.

Wins with: Mafia



Well, you're a member of the popular Anonymous. You're goal is to eliminate the Mafia, so you better hide your face behind your mask. You guys are in a group chat together. You all vote on who to kill during the night, but you don't have to, and also develop strategies through the PM. 

Wins with: Civilians or Themselves



You are one of the most recommended doctors all over the world. You studied in Havard and  graduated in Biology and Medicine. That's why you can give one player per night immunity, but not twice in a row, which means that the target can't die that night. You also have the power (thanks to cryosleep) to bring back a dead player once in the game, but beware, it will be revealed to all of them.

Wins with: Civilians



You're a Witch! You are very powerful and you can brew two potions, one of them contains poison, and the other one protection. Each night the witchfinds out who is going to get killed. They can then decide to either protect that person or not. They can also decide if they want to kill someone using her poison. Unfortunately, making these potions requires a lot of ingredients and time, so these can only be made and used once throughout the entire game. The witch is also too scared to be exposed, so they are not allowed to tell anyone who the Mafia/Anonymous chose as their next victim. 

Wins with: Civilians 



The Countess. The favorite lady of the mafia. You are a rich b*tch, arrogant and a lier. You don't wake up with the mafia at night but you appear as a civilian if visited by the visionary. If you get lynched the mafia can kill two players in the following night.

Wins with: Mafia

Judge Judy


Congratulations! You are Judge Judy! You may choose a player who jumped on the bandwagon in the day time voting, PM it to me and your chosen player will get lynched the following night. You can only use that action once in the game, and will die afterwards because you couldn't handle to kill someone.

Wins with: Civilians



You're a tough guy, like it really rough. Your bow is your life, that's why you don't have a wife, even if you're the hottest guy in town. If you get killed in the night or day time, you have to choose a player per PM who dies with you the following night!

Wins with: Civilians



Oh. You are a crazy lady who has about 7 cats and likes to smoke some Mary Jane  from time to time. Each night you will get to know a players role, you just have to ask for it, or I ask you which one you'd like to know! But beware: Don't trust anyone too fast, or your time is over old lady. 

Wins with: Civilians

Grandma with a Gun


You're the mad granny next door. You hate to be visited, that's why you shoot all people who visit you. If a Mafia, Anonymous or Visionary visits you at night, they will die. (Mafia and Anonymous will be randomised). You can only die at day time.

Wins with: Civilians


1- @Logan

2- @alextruper17

3- @Katherine

4- @Glittertinks

5- @A Hybrid

6- @Dean Winchester

7- @Lazz Monster

8- @Antonio

9- @Bloody Grammys

10- @corvus albus

11- @slayo

12- @PhyllisDietrichson

13- @HeavyCapiLover

14- @ice bear

15- @SwissMonster

16- @Craven Moorecox

17- @FentyGa11

18- @lifeasgeorge

19- @Taylucifer

20- @Clever Username

21- @Mr V

22- @Billie Eilish


May be interested, stole some taglists :selena:

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- Me Inside


@Lazz Monster

- @Antonio

- @A Hybrid

- @Logan

- @lifeasgeorge

- @Taylucifer

- @HeavyCapiLover

all credits to @Antonio, we stan. 

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I'm in. But lemme read the rules again

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince


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Nnn not you posting this in the middle of the night :rip: and me being online so late :trollga:

I'm in and ready to flop again  :vegas:

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So basically, if youre not Dua Lipa you die?

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
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I love a good mafia and strategy game but I can’t participate. I have a busy schedule ahead of me and don’t want to get killed off the game. :(

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count me in


Edited by DeanWinchester
*muffled Jewels N' Drugs in the background*


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I’m sorry I don’t think I can join but i hope everyone who joins enjoys the game:hug:

strike a ****ing pose


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