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Stefani Tee

Gaga on Oprah’s Podcast (ELLE Interview)

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To me, this is the best interview she’s done in recent years.  She very genuinely and eloquently expressed the good and bad parts of her circumstances, and this was just so inspirational to everyone who had struggled with anything or had a bad day in general.

It certainly made me feel a bit better after not seeing her last night; I was devastated and it really sucked, but like she said, this will pass and there are so many things I’m very grateful for, whether it be her, friends and family, or having food and shelter.

You go spread the message of kindness and compassion, girl!


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Finally I got to listen the podcast. She was amazing, very calm, conscious and collected all along despite the very personal issues. I think that she is on the right track mentally now and this is related that she has been sharing a lot of things from her daily life lately. The topics or details that were omitted from the article were also interesting.


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