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Stefani Tee
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MEGARATE || Sweetener Reloaded

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4 minutes ago, Nuggets said:

Hey there! So, i'm pretty sure you guys need more time to send your rates in so i'm pushing back the deadline to Friday (15/11/19) :party:

Much Love, Nuggets :heart:

@SamanthaC @alextruper17 @KatieJudasGaga4 @GypsyPrincesss @FfFfFfFF @NNES @Twitter @DiamondKing @FentyGa11 @LordEnigma

I hope I can do this with AA, I'll try my best :runhug:

We'll be alright ☉
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Ehem! I have a very important announcement. :vegas:

I have decided to postpone the ceremony by one week, so if you haven't sent your rates yet, don't worry, you still have time. I'm doing this because not many people have sent me their rates. I totally understand though because most of the users that are participating in this megarate are also playing AA. Imagine the stress of having to rate 30 songs + participating in a Megarate, eugh. For the ones who already have voted, i'm sorry but i'm pretty sure you'll understand too because most of you are playing AA as well.

- Much Love, Nuggets :heart:

@SamanthaC @Talenti @Ally Campana @FentyGa11 @Twitter @alextruper17 @NNES @MANiCURE 6 @HighRoad @Enzo @DiamondKing @GaGaLB @GypsyPrincesss @KatieJudasGaga4 @FfFfFfFF @Animal Claws @Anveeroy @PinkPop @LordEnigma

I am my biggest fan
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